Wednesday, December 31, 2008


.... is nearly over and to celebrate I'll toss in my last DETRITUS mix for the year. Six of them in half as many months. This one is pretty cool. It started out a hodge podge of shit - but after a few listens its cohesiveness found me.

Not much to say. I'm working on my "I hated this year" emoBlog... I have the mix finished and everything. It's quite optimistic. A lot of good things did happen this year... but it still qualifies as the worst year of my life.

Hope yours was better.


melon - serious japan
1910 fruitgum co. - yummy yummy yummy
santa dads - why
seagull screaming kiss her kiss her - let's dance
metamatics - song 2
dubee - thizzle man (slowed)
junkie xl - mad night pursuit (anorak remix) (chilled)
nobottens jarn - puttes barn
max tundra - number our days
esg - tiny sticks
les reines prochaines - der urwald
the kites - (shut off the lie we'll die) (we will transform)
arthur russell - hey, how does everybody know
ty seagull - you're not me
donovan - epistle to dippy

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