Monday, December 8, 2008


The computdor has been acting el asso today. From crashes to weird clicks to all out no worko. Spent the better part of el dia backing up and trying to fix the problem... but it's pointless - like stitching up a missing thumb.

Here's a mix from my small backlog caused by too much time on my manos. Sorry Styx for the copyright infringement.

Lark's Tongue in Aspirin

Free Moral Agents - Ladies Prefer HiHats (Slowed)
Rob G - Superspectacular (Slowed)
Kira Brekken - Girafeel
Fleet Foxes - Meadowlarks (Slowed)
Khonner - Pea Mag Gourmet
Common - Sex 4 Suga (Slowed)
Lalory - Blue Eyed Soul (Slowed)
Brian Bennet - Getting Close
Pharcyde - Runnin (Phillipians Remix) (Slowed)
Xploding Plastix - Relieved Beyond Repair
Slow Mansions - Unwise
Bomarr Monk - Benleo
Tomasz Bednarczyk - Mi Ti
Le Loup - Look to the West

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