Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is a pretty neat mix, as far as tracking mental activity is concerned. It suits me... and is a little slow and choppy at first... but builds up its steam towards the middle. Very close to how I used to play out live actually (though with slightly dancier records.) I personally like the programming on this one... and the "Hanging Garden"/"Jan 9"/"Un, Deux, Trois" portion is tittys to me.

Hey ghosties... leave a comment or three. Make an old (nearly) thumbless man happy.

Stent Dunt

1900 - Den Minsta av Segrar
John Denver - Sunshine on MY Shoulder (Slowed)
Skyphone - One Step Closer to the Ground
Hot Butter - Popcorn (Slowed)
PAcific - Hold Me (Breakbot Mix)
The Jacka - Fed Up (Slowed)
Chakachas - Jungle Fever
Ex Reverie - The Hanging Garden
dog Faced Hermans - Jan 9
Major Organ and the Adding Machine - Un, Deux, Trois
Sic - Cover Girls Smile

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