Wednesday, December 31, 2008


.... is nearly over and to celebrate I'll toss in my last DETRITUS mix for the year. Six of them in half as many months. This one is pretty cool. It started out a hodge podge of shit - but after a few listens its cohesiveness found me.

Not much to say. I'm working on my "I hated this year" emoBlog... I have the mix finished and everything. It's quite optimistic. A lot of good things did happen this year... but it still qualifies as the worst year of my life.

Hope yours was better.


melon - serious japan
1910 fruitgum co. - yummy yummy yummy
santa dads - why
seagull screaming kiss her kiss her - let's dance
metamatics - song 2
dubee - thizzle man (slowed)
junkie xl - mad night pursuit (anorak remix) (chilled)
nobottens jarn - puttes barn
max tundra - number our days
esg - tiny sticks
les reines prochaines - der urwald
the kites - (shut off the lie we'll die) (we will transform)
arthur russell - hey, how does everybody know
ty seagull - you're not me
donovan - epistle to dippy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Whatever happened to Fonejacker.... I miss that shit. Anyways, we got a new computer - and I've been trying to get it set up. I'm still bouncing from this old brick to the new one - so I missed a few days of posting. There's still plenty to share. Fear not. I also got the new Harvest Moon for Wii... and that's bound to eat up a grip of my time.

Here's a spiritual mix I made Xmas morning. A few Jesus songs... and the best Broadcast song ever.

morning prayer meeting

Kiiiii - Dom Dom Mix
Dymaxion - I-Man Transport
Sister Janet Mead - The Lord's Prayer (slowed)
Welcome Wagon - Jesus (slowed)
Sixto Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind
Doormouse - Shotgun Willie
Broadcast - Corporeal
We are Enfant Terrible - Eagles Don't Sparkle
Dog Faced Hermans - Off Duty Trip
Secret Mommy - The Experience
Salem - Sweat
MC Shan - Penial Reunion (Slowed)
Mungos Hi Fi - Dubplate fi Dem (Slowed)
Folk Och Rackara - Staffan Och Herodes

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I've been loving this mix... and all this new great electronica being put out. Did it really take Andy Votel to finish the job started by Alex Patterson and Broadcast and P5 and tons others... finally solidifying the connection between avant psychedelia and "IDM"???? Dunno... I've always blended the two - in my head and in mixes. Either way... there's so much good shit coming out of what I thought was a dead genre. Add Noizenid's excellent C+S mix of "Womanizer." Add some great indie dub, cute j-pop, classic underground Cash Money and what I assume is a bizarre as fuck Kenny Dixon bonus beat and you get this installment of my fucked up brain.

the old master painter

faux fox - personal best (weird tapes mix)
terminal 11 - fractured sunshine
the long lost - woebegone (flying lotus' luckiest charm)
michael head and the strands - queen matilda
prussia - plantation workers (unite and take over)
tenniscoats - donna donna
durdy jack f/ turk and baby - our thang (slowed)
zol - syphillissupastar
britney spears - womanizer (chopped and slowed by dj noizenid)
west coast pop art experimental band - eighteen is over the hill
flavio kurt - walderez walderia
la barra de chocolate - proyectos de un ladron prisonero
kiiiii - carp and sheep (cdm mix)
moodyman - untitled

Friday, December 26, 2008


Another mix from the recent archives. Not uch to write about. Mucho trabajo.... nada fun.

Moose Traction

The Victim's Shudder - The Sick Muse
Mariee Sioux - Love Song (Slowed)
Jeremy Warmsley - Lose My Cool
Chuck Turner - Trying to Conquer (Slowed)
Above the Law - 100 Spokes (Slowed)
Chrisma - Mandoia
Islaja - Sata Naakkaa Siten
Misophone - Goodbye
Beach House - Home Again
Basia Bulat - Before I Know
Brigitte Fontaine - Le Repas des Dormidaires
Sonofold - The Boil is Up to You
Heidi Bruhl - Berlin
Parental Advisory - PAradise (Slowed)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So many blogs no postee today because it's December 24. I don't care... I worked all day.

Here's a mix.

the hezzy myth

Misophone - Cavalcade
Casino Versus Japan - Where To, What For
Woodcraft Folk - Conroy Plays Vibes
Psycho Ward - Anything Goes
Blue Sofa (Slowed)
Mr. Partridge - Shore Leave Ornithology
Japanther - 100 Hundred Dollars (Slowed)
Simon and Garfunkel - Hazy Shade of Winter
Rainbow Glossy - Xenoglossy 17
Com.A - Mix Rudegal
B.o.B. - Autotune (Slowed)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Work is some tiring shit. First day back and I had to work 11 hours. I was exhausted, but it feels good. A listen to my mixes outside of home made me feel really fuzzy. Some of them are excellent. Good work, me!

I like this one much much. When did IDM get good again??? I've liked little heaps of it here and there - but the new crop of it is all pretty consistently fat pussy lip licking good. Be expecting more of it here.


Soplerfo - Tame Noodles
Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart
Woodcraft Folk - Blokflute
Dreamend - Are You Waking
Jade - My Mary (More Than Ever)
Mort Garson - Never Follow the Yellow Green Road
Keagan - Ericcc
Tight Wayz - Dollaz in My Pocket (Slowed)
Last Step - Showboat
Broadcast - Bit 35
Broadcast - Black Cat
Christine Pilzer - Ah Hem Ho Hu Err
Anne Gosfield - Blue Serge
Kid 606 - Secrets 4 Sale

BTW: I HATE HATE HATE The Knife, but this Fever Ray shit is crankin'!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


This is what I'll be listening to on my way back to work.

Yep... back to work after three weeks of workman's comp. My thumb's on the verge of collapse. My girlfriend's sick of seeing me. My cats are even a little annoyed.

Time marches on...


Happiness of the Katakuris - Opening Theme
Dymaxion - Verfremdungseffekt
Gentlemen Drivers f/ Soko - Beat Her (Slowed)
Atlas Sound - On Guard (Affected)
Joe Meek and the Blue Men - Disc Dance of the Globbots
Voice Farm - Cheeno
Dru Down/Rappin 4 Tay - Pimps On (Slowed)
Brent Cash - And Had We Ever
Bill Lawrence - Pussy Baby
Metaform - Heaven Can Wait (Slowed)
Tickley Feather - The Python (Slowed)
The Raincoats - Lola
Brigitte Fontaine - Le Brin d'Herbe
Kill the Messanger - Karl Blau
Panther - Total Sexy Church
Mort Garson - I've Been Over the Rainbow
Screaming Seagull Kiss Her Kiss Her - Future or No Future

Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is a pretty neat mix, as far as tracking mental activity is concerned. It suits me... and is a little slow and choppy at first... but builds up its steam towards the middle. Very close to how I used to play out live actually (though with slightly dancier records.) I personally like the programming on this one... and the "Hanging Garden"/"Jan 9"/"Un, Deux, Trois" portion is tittys to me.

Hey ghosties... leave a comment or three. Make an old (nearly) thumbless man happy.

Stent Dunt

1900 - Den Minsta av Segrar
John Denver - Sunshine on MY Shoulder (Slowed)
Skyphone - One Step Closer to the Ground
Hot Butter - Popcorn (Slowed)
PAcific - Hold Me (Breakbot Mix)
The Jacka - Fed Up (Slowed)
Chakachas - Jungle Fever
Ex Reverie - The Hanging Garden
dog Faced Hermans - Jan 9
Major Organ and the Adding Machine - Un, Deux, Trois
Sic - Cover Girls Smile

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I don't know if my graft is rejecting, or if I'm just losing dead skin. I have a huge chunk that appears on the verge of fall off. Spooks me... but the thumb has no pain and works... so only time will tell (cue Asia.)

More music... as I ponder the future of digits.


Metaform - Urban Velvet
Beach House - Gila
Norbottens Jarn - Drommarnas Varld
The Fireman - Travelling Light
Keak da Sneak and San Quinn - Fool 4 You (Slowed)
Alvaro - Drinkin My Own Sperm
Hide and Seek - Modern Time's Pop
Palms - Hang Your Head
Poni Hoax - Crashpad Driver
Blondie - X-Offender
Anthony Hamilton - Souls on Fire (Slowed)
Santa Dads - Lion Song (Slowed)

Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm slightly not satisfied with this mix. There's so much I love about it - but there's a quick cut I can't stand. That said, in about 6 months... it might be my favorite. My top 5 DJ's all proudly flaunt their mistakes - and it usually is a sign of the brain working in a mix. Dunno... right now it's pissing me off... but not enough to not share.

Btw - huge apologies to DJ Screw and DJ D. I always thought that their mixes of that Mello track were sloppy - but they're not. Slowing the track down exploits the limitations of the original track - so it sounds a little archived and clippy.


Loung Lizards - Bob the Bob/Voice of Chunk
Big Mello - Back Do Akshun (Slowed)
Chris Joss - Summer Springs
Gary Lewis - Don't Make Promises
Do Make Say Think - Horns of a Rabbit
Tittsworth - WTF (Deekline and Ed Solo Refix)
ooioo - 1-2-3-4 (Slowed)
High Places - Jump In
Welcome Wagon - Hail to the Lord's Annointed
Virgin Sleep - Love
Onra - Hard Times
Tom Waits - Little Drop of Poison
Estelle - Magnificent (Slowed)
Conlon Non Carrow - Prelude for Piano (Slowed)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Back to the nonsense. I'll be seeing the doctor today and probably be cleared for work. My thumb looks healthy... but halved. It feels weird and I'll have to get used to the strange bevel... but oh well!!
Been doing family stuff with the lady's familia. Eating and celebrating her sister's triumphant return from Japan and imminent divorce from the U.S. Navy (or at least a single Naval officer.)

I've concocted this little mix of slowed up stew... from indie folk to g funk and all parts in between. On first listen, I think I like it... hope someone else will too.

Oh yeah... my Ian Curtis Mii is now a member of the 300 club on Wii bowling. Wu-fucking-00t!


Patricia Kaas - Addicte Aux Heroines
Hush Arbors - Rue Hollow
Skyphone - Cloud Panic
G Side - Alipines Kick
The Bird and the Bee - What's in the Middle
Poni Hoax - The Paper Bride
Gampall Jookabox - Ponta (Deppchef Mix)
Cryan Shames - 20th Song
Eastsidaz - The Final
Dianne Cluck - Easy to Be Around
Radioclit - Get It Up

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Back in 1989 I wrote and directed a short piece of performance art for my senior project in High School. It was pretentious, hippy shite. Admittedly. Rather than hate it, I'd prefer to liken it to a fledgling serial killer's first clumsy kill (cue the Hannibel dialogue.) Sure it was silly, and I'm glad I own nothing more than the flyer for it (thank god even the late-80s were outside of the digital age, or there'd be video of this crap all over.) Still, it was a young savage's first attempts at actually doing something on my own. Thinking about visuals and music in sequential form.

I later wrote two other pieces of shit for friends to direct... and the flyers were fantastic. The music awesome. The product, a little better. I did a piece in college that got me thrown out. Plastered NYC with weird nonsensical flyers - and eventually jumped the old 'Hound to find my voice in Los Angeles. There I concentrated harder on writing... eventually trading my artist's pen for that of the music critic. I DJ'ed and made occasional art.

I'd liken my "career" to the BTK, not John Gacy. It have spurts of violent action - followed by long ass periods of hibernation.

If I remember correctly, the theme of that first performance was the change of the seasons - and how the cycle continually flows - but thing kind of stay the same. Therefore, I decided my first post of "circa 2009" should be a return to my roots. I've included the four songs I used in that piece (backwards,) filled it out with some new stuff, stole a track from BIOSHOCK and ended it with the happiest hip hop song ever made about shooting heroin....

Throw the Telebtubbies Baby on an Ulver cover- and you've got instant art!

circa SAVIOR 2009

I've Got Magic Inside my Bones Somewhere
The Roches - Hallelujah Chorus (Slowed)
Catherine Ribiero - Alpes I
Patti Smith Group - Ghost Dance
Fursaxa - Nawne Ye
Anna Holmer - Gu She Na Di
Thorbbing Gristle - AB/7A
Hurray for Riff Raff - Lenore
Tickley Festher - Ooooo
The Trees - Psalm 46
Melanie - Close to It All (Slowed)
Barn Owl - The Sun Fails
The Tokens - Some People Sleep
Noel Coward - This is a Changing World
Da Shara - Bootin Up

Monday, December 15, 2008


DJ Screw blessed me in spirit for this one. 74 minutes of classic swamp funk from the golden era of Louisiana rap. Slowed and throwed with a minimal of mixing, but oh so much attention to itch and mood.

Quite honestly, this is probably the best slowed mix I've made - it sounds so true to the original spirit of the immortal Gray Tape. No tricks in 96... no hate in Zero-8. Hope some of you enjoy as much as I do... and even more, I hope some people realize the variety and skill in what most write off as "bullshit gangsta rap." For real, this stuff is truer to the spirit of NY circa 1978 than any nonsense backpacker crap. Just listen to Bustdown's nasty rhymes... a true throwback to old school Busy Bee and Just Ice.


Big Ballin With Redrum - Dolamite
Trapped in the Storm - Sircle of Sin
Last But Not Least - CMN
So Cold -Johnny Bo
Mr. Ivan - My Ruger
Represent - Juvenile Committee
Track 8 (Voodoo Gangsta Funk) - Lokee
Dead on It - Throwed Uff
Trick Daddy - Bustdown
Look at Yourself - Mr. Ivan f/ Mannie Fresh
Bullet Proof Vest - CMN
Hustlaz - Fila Phil

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This is the closest I'll come to a dance mix. I dunno... the quick cuts (a few sloppy... which I personally like) the constant 4/4 beats (albeit vntage street disco or modern day gutter shit)... it just seems to spell out party to me. It reminds me of the type of thing I'd go for when I used to play out.
It's comfortable, natural and fun... and has a lame ass Barbara Kruger inspired cover to make it all the more punk rock!


Chris Joss - I Want Freedom
David Holmes - Holy Pictures (James Yulli Remix)
Surface Mutants - Train (Slowed)
Isolation Ward - Meat in Motion
First Floor Power - Ten Pictures
David Byrne and Brian Eno - Poor Boy
Radioclit - Hide and Seek
Good Charlotte - The Anthem (Mano Remix) (Slowed)
Sickdoll - Am Rande des Universums
Perfume - Baby Cruising Love
Bermuda Triangle - The Wind
Cal Tjader - Morning

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I love other people's "Best of 2008" lists. It reminds me of records I forgot about, points me to some stuff I wouldn't have checked out or missed... Personally, though, I have trouble making one up. I have trouble catagorizing music choronologically period. If an album came out in 1969, but I only heard it yesterday - then it's new to me, right??? Doesn't it deserve to be on my best of list then?!?!?

This all confuses me. For the past few months I've tried to string together a mix almost daily. In these pages, you'll hear just about EVERYTHING I'm listening to. Therefore, I'd rather just forge ahead and keep on giving you mixes of groovy music as often as I can.

Watersprt Court

Christine 23 Onna - New Dawn on a Crystal Planet
Klimperei and Pierre Bastian - Morceau en Forme de Pinces
Icy Demons - Manny's
E feat. Dru Down - People Say
Dusk and Blackdown - Focus (Slowed)
Mistral - Starship 109
Silver Jews - The Right to Remain Silent
Earth - Coda Maetoso in F(flat) Minor
Bobby Conn - 69 Anee Erotique
Klimperei and Pierre Bastian - Sous les Tropiques
Spice 1 - Cash Rules (slowed)
Eddy Detroit - Time Alone
My Little Airport - When I Listen to the Field Mice
1/2 Japanese - Penny in the Fountain (Slowed)

Friday, December 12, 2008


more thumby goodness... this time Leatherthumb Cam whore status!!!!


Another day off from work. Another morning of plugging away at nothing while my poor thumb heals. I know it's hard to feel bad for someone who's been forced into a Christmas Vacation (hopefully paid, we'll see when my Comp check comes), but it can be a little draining. Besides, it makes me feel like a Fuller-ian failure.

What am I doing with my spare time? Am I learning a new language? No. Writing a novel? No. Designing a better deli slicer. Hell naww... but I saw a few safer ones online.

I'm listening to music, making these mixes and playing Wii bowling. I played myself against my Charlie Manson Mii and beat myself 290 to 288 yesterday. Somewhere between the two games I was playing, I scored my first 300 (I bowled 17 strikes in a row in the middle - but neither "player" bowled a perfect 300.) Exciting stuff!

Hope this mix proves more exciting than my current life of leisure and displeasure.

In Kansas, Nevermore

Nightshadow - Prologue
Vandermark 5 - Other Cuts (For Curtis Mayfield)
Dru Dwon - Done Deal (Slowed)
Ait! - In Rememberence
Cut Chemist - A Peak in Time
Beauty School Dropout - Motherfucking Pop (Slowed)
7 Hurtz f/ Peaches - Sexy Dancer
Bermuda Triangle - Dream On
Jim Collins - Time for Now
E - Close My Eyes

Thursday, December 11, 2008


That's my latest explanation for what happened to my thumb. What's your excuse?? Another mix from the backlog created by my current lack of employment and thumb-on-mouse rehabilitation program.


Dosh - Simple Exercises
Carl Blau - Carry and Ron
Do Make Say Think - THofR 3
Soulwax - Starfish and Coffee
C.L.A.W.S. - Canteloupe (Slowed)
Cool Breeze - Cre-A-Tine (Haroon Mix) (Slowed)
Animal Collective - Grass
Jacques Dutronc - Et Moi Et Moi
Onra - Reminisce
Keri Hilson/Lil Wayne - Turnin Me On (Slowed)
Bon Iver - Lump Sum
Electrelane - To the East
Headson Groove - Echo Place
Minnie Ripperton - Les Fleurs (Slowed)


Thumbs up America!!!!

Here's today's photos of my FrankenThumb.... Ed Gein Fan Thumb.... Fanthumb of the Opera... Fuck it... just call me Leatherthumb!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I did this as an experiment in Cool Edit. Just layering and tweaking shit. The result is interesting and people who like this drone/noise style should enjoy. I'll do some more like this... but not many.

I'll also include a little minimix that was done with a lot of overlapped and distorted tracks... but that has no tracklist.


michael altfield - music for toilets
ikue mori - joganden shooting moon
tomasz bednarcyzk - your whiteness
christine 23 onna - cosmic jungle
ethan rose - the dot and the line
jaga jazzist - two things
santa dads - theme from victory
Hajime Tachibana - Yoru No Tokibutsu
F-Stein - Mighty Fuckin Robot
ikue mori - yoru no tokibitsu
november novelet - when the world is white
frank sumatra - telstar
flossie and the unicorn - chewing gum
liz allbee - convovulusus jalapa
maja ratkje - intro
digitalism -echoes (sirusmo remix)
ikue mori - monkey music moon
q tip - dance on glass
krill minima - knuspermarsch
tsuki - timpa



Here's some photos of my Ed Gein thumb. As you can see, the back is pretty intact, but I mangled the front, taking about a third of it clean off.

The doctor insists that it looks "pink and beautiful." You be the judge.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


On my way to the doctor to see how the graft did and unveil my new fucked up finger (I know... I Know... a thumb isn't a finger.) A little nervous and kind of queasy... but it's one step closer to ending this ordeal... and the dreaded year 2000-Hate. I don't know about the Chinese Horrorscope - but I dub this YEAR OF THE CRISIS.

New installment of the Detritus series. Me likey likey.


pentangle - light flight (slowed)
stereolab - widow weirdo (slowed)
nervous gender - regress for you
r. crumb - get a load of this
merry clayton - southern man
yoko ono - dogtown
placebo - inner city blues
nino nardini - tropical
too short - money in the ghetto (slowed)
coconut - miles de ojos
xiu xiu - under pressure
plus-tech squeeze box - the martin show
the style council - my ever changing moods

Monday, December 8, 2008


The computdor has been acting el asso today. From crashes to weird clicks to all out no worko. Spent the better part of el dia backing up and trying to fix the problem... but it's pointless - like stitching up a missing thumb.

Here's a mix from my small backlog caused by too much time on my manos. Sorry Styx for the copyright infringement.

Lark's Tongue in Aspirin

Free Moral Agents - Ladies Prefer HiHats (Slowed)
Rob G - Superspectacular (Slowed)
Kira Brekken - Girafeel
Fleet Foxes - Meadowlarks (Slowed)
Khonner - Pea Mag Gourmet
Common - Sex 4 Suga (Slowed)
Lalory - Blue Eyed Soul (Slowed)
Brian Bennet - Getting Close
Pharcyde - Runnin (Phillipians Remix) (Slowed)
Xploding Plastix - Relieved Beyond Repair
Slow Mansions - Unwise
Bomarr Monk - Benleo
Tomasz Bednarczyk - Mi Ti
Le Loup - Look to the West

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I sliced off my own bacon... so I can't bring any home at the moment. So I bagged this for the dinner table.

I can't thank my fiance enough for the help and support she's shown this past week. I guess amputations are good for building relationships.

Killin Shit

Dusk and Blackdown - This is London
Jean Jacques Robert + Jean Michel Guise - Delerious Pop
Johnny Hammond - Shifting Gears
Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka (Slowed)
Cat Power - Fortunate Son
Rodney Bewes - Meter Maid
Kode 9 and Space Age - Sine of the Dub
Erykah Badu/Re Up Gang - Real Thang Remix (Slowed)
Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
Animal Collective - Fickle Cycle
Touch - Alesha and Others
Le Clave - The Ghetto
Plies - All Black (Slowed)

Friday, December 5, 2008


This Jason Forrest heavy mix was sparked by a sore thumb bar conversation with my friend Mo. She asked me what the future of music and art was... and I immediately said Jason Forrest and Takashi Miike. We waxed pretentiously about the oncoming fin de siecle being a movement of 'borrowing.' What better example than Miike's tributary b-movie quick cuts and genre slicing and Forrest's equally glitchy and quirky sampling of pop culture.

I included some other music to make it interesting for me. I firmly believe that Screw is the cousin of Dub... and that temporal changes, especially when paired with obvious songs, leads to magikal quantum understanding. In short... the media is our palette... and the way we twist and manipulate it is the impetus of modernism. Moog blips no longer sound modern. We live in the Jetsons. By shredding our culture through filters and effects, we reshape the past in the form of the future.


People Like Us/Matmos/Wobbly - Calling
Donna Summer - Hawkwind
Spank Rock - What It Look Like (Slowed)
Duran Duran Duran - Cum Go
Jason Forrest - Dust Never Settles
Dan Deacon - Big Big Big Big Big Big
Bonde Do Role - Divine Gosa
South Central Cartel- Mucho Yellow (Slowed)
Jason Forrest - War Photographer
Dan Deacon - Splish Splash
Alan Vega - Holy Skips (Slowed)
Pharcyde - Passin Me By (Haroon Mix) (Slowed)
Boy 8 Bit - The Suspense is Killing Me
Jason Forrest - My 36 Favorite Punk Songs
The Roots - Mellow My Man (Slowed)

P.S. It's amazing how a slightly slowed Alan Vega sounds almost exactly like Method Man!


Thursday, December 4, 2008


Nope... I didn't decide a 9 1/2 fingered existence wasn't worth living... the skin formerly known as my wrist now resides on what's left of my right thumb. Healing. Sore. Tired and pill numb. Jumping ferrets... lazy cats and a beautiful girlfriend make me smile through it nonetheless.

Here's a mix.

Itchy Stitches

Dresden Dolls - Dear Jenny
Sally Shapiro - Find My Soul (Slowed)
ReUp Gang - Addiction (Slowed)
Electrelane - Saturday
James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Rod Thomas Mix)
My Little Airport - The OK Thing to Do
Khonner - An Ode to Gary Giggles
Le Dust Sucker - John Wayne
Fed Ex/Husalah - Mobsta Life (Slowed)
Dans le Sac/Scroobius - Development (Slowed)
Clever Jeff - Catch Rek (Slowed)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've got quite a few stitches (50 or so.) 20 on the graft and about thirty on the suicide scar (the doc took a 1X3 inch rectangle of skin off my inner wrist for grafting.) Blogging is proving painful and mixing next to impossible - but I'ma try in short bursts.

This mix was done Monday. I like the selection. It's a bit choppy in places - not as seamless as most... but it's the music I wanted to lump together. Push it real good!


Frank Ricotti - Dank
6-2 - Let's Get High
Alan Shearer - Tom Brouse
00i00 - Umo
Bianc Didonc - 4 Cheveux dans le Vent
Monsiuer Minmal - Relaxation
Max Tundra - Orphaned
J Davey - Rock the Dancehall (slowed)
Gala Drop - Ital
Willie Isz - In the Red (slowed)
Illa J - Swagger (slowed)
Roger Roger - Roger Rhythm 2

NOTE: THE Willie Isz track has a noise (sounds like a mic being dropped or something) but it's in the original file. Song is so good - I'm keeping it in.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Monday, December 1, 2008


Tired and throbbing. Bored shitless. I must have a strong Catholic Work Ethic, because I wish I could be slaving to make another family rich right now. Bucky Fuller would be so disappointed. In the mean time, to break up the silence and surreal situation of reality... I'll keep stringing songs together like popcorn on a string.

Lola Nova

Beaver & Krause - Fountains of the Dept. of Water and Power
Elsaine - Hybrid
The Mighty Underdogs - Victorius (Slowed)
Damu the Fudgemonk - Yes We Can
Elliot Lipp - The Area (Slowed)
San Quinn - From a Boy to a Man (Slowed)
Skablins - The Tornado
Smiff n Wessun - Sound Bwoy Buriel (Slowed)
Chris Daily - America
Sofus Forsberg - No Beat
Tennishero - Midnight Love (Slowed)
Bullion - Don't Talk (Slowed)

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today I give you a tribute to Giallo horror masters Goblin. Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante and Fabio Pignatelli provided some of the greatest music ever committed to celluloid. Their idiom was Italian horror. Their mentor, Dario Argento.

While always lumped into the prog rock scene... the three Goblins (alone and with various other musicians at times) were much more. Spooky, groovy and very soundtracky... their music epitomizes the '70's soundtrack as much as Isaac Hayes or David Axelrod. Their soundtracks also inspired the early days of hip-hop, electro and Italo disco. More importantly, as a movement, the entire Giallo scene (of which their music was an integral part) inspired the likes of George Romero and John Carpenter. It's about mood over gore - but not without a healthy dose of both.

As I peer into what used to be my thumb... I will be listening to this and remembering that horror CAN be beautiful. Care to join me?!?!?

Zombi La Mouche: Music by Goblin
out of time
markos (alternate version)
black forest
snip snap
profondo rosso
death dies
dawn of the dead

yeah yeah yeah... some level issues... happens when using a variety of sources. I really tried on this one...but a few tracks are lower than others. I listened, and it doesn't really break the mood.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Series of THUMBfortunate Events

Yep.... I managed to slice off about a third of my right thumb yesterday. Damn deli slicers. Only time will tell how unfortunate it is. I can still mix... and it seems like I'll be able to hit the X button... so it can't be that bad.

Here's the first mix for post human me:

Half Thumb Blues
(Mostly Slowed)

Flica - K
A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get down
Squarepusher - Quadrature
Rotary Connection - Respect
Bullion - Caroline, No
Search Party - You and I
Ikue Morie - Possession
Scarface - Soldier Story
Baker St. Philharmonic - Midnight Cowboy
Furniture - Now I'm Gonna Take a Vacation
Warum Joe - Datcha
Charles Hamilton - I'm Good
Latin Playboys - Forever Nightshade Mary

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thankful for music.

Thankful for films.

Thankful for chaos.

Thankful for clowns.

Let the blood of the bankers be on all of our lips.

Gobble Gobble.... one of us!



Jose Gonzalez - Deadweight on Velveteen
The Make-Up - Drop the Needle
Fruit Bats - Union Blanket
Grit Boys - Now n Later Paint (Slowed)
Elliot Lipp - Opening Ceremony
Holy Fuzz - The News to You
Casualties of Jazz - Luke's Wall/War Pigs
Chris Ward - It's Plain 2 See (Slowed)
The Licketts - Children's Magical Death
John Cale/Eno - Baby's on Fire
The Make-Up - Earth Worm Pt. 1
Holy Fuzz - Rejoice

NOTES: The Make Up tracks are hard to put in a mix due to their recording levels. Probably why they never got the dancefloor recognition they deserved. that HOLY FUZZ shit is from a compilation of religious psychedelic tracks. Find it and download it... well worth it.

Eat food, drink good, get fat... for we go to war tomorrow!