Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm back online. It's Halloween.. so here's a little Halloween mix. It's fun to play typical blogger games, in'it??

Anyway... I'm in an icky place right now. Not a good time to rant. So just enjoy the mix and I'll figure out a way out of this flesh and into some new.


Shaun of the Dead Medly

Nouvelle Vague - Bela Lugosi's Dead

Arthur Brown - I Put a Spell On You

Skatt Bros. - Walk the Night

Brother Lynch Hung - Return of da Baby (Slowed and Sloweder)

The Who - Boris the Spider

The Cramps - Green Fuzz

The Bollock Brothers - Horror Movies

Pretty Things - Baron Saturday

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

Venom - Countess Bathory

The Misfits - Vampira

The Postmarks - Every Day is Halloween

Sunday, October 26, 2008


The tents are all empty. The merchants and Carny's have left for the next village. All that is left is this... bits and pieces that didn't quite fit. Do they fit together nicely? Only you can tell me. All I know is that they popped into the brain, onto the hard drive and were left on the floor when the party ended.

By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked comes this way.

Araby (detritus 3)

The Sugarcubes -Birthday
Regina Spekter - Chemo Limo
Cubismo Grafico - New Song (cbsmgrfc Mix)
Stereolab - Visionary Road Maps
Sasse - Deep Ocean Eddie
Rachel Sweet - It's So Different Here
J. Stalin - U Can't See Me (Slowed)
Kris Kristofferson - Gettin By
Palace - You Have Cum on Your Hair and Your Dick is Hanging Out
Audience - Jackdaw
Trader Home - Morning Way
Antsy Pants - Sometimes (Slowed)
Meredith Monk - Chinook Whispers
Hey, How's Your News - Las Vegas

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Going on holiday for two days. Here's a new mix. I like it plenty. Lots of girls with squeaky voices and pretty, sometimes difficult soundscapes. What's not to love?!?!?



Pierre Henry - Too Fortiche
Philippe Besombes - Juane
Juana Molina - Hay Que Ver Si Voy
Merideth Monk - Scared Song
Lydia Lunch - Suicide Ocean
Yoko Ono - Looking Out My Hotel Window
Les Reines Prochaines - Opfer Dieses Liedes
Mecca Normal - Ice Flows Through
Crass - Walls
Nico - Facie the Wind
Women - Groiup Transport Hall
The Pretty Things - Lonlieness
Coven - Black Sabbath
Ash Ra Tempel - Bring Me Up

Friday, October 24, 2008


I"m updating all links to Div/Share in the next week. This will allow me to embed the mixes and also give me a lot better items as far as maintenance of the site.

I hope the click and play option will inspire some of you to listen... and maybe even comment?!?!?!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, I'm still online... so I'll share and rant.

This mix is filled with new folk... anti-folk... the 'punk folk' revival... what have you.

All this new folk revival shit really pisses me off. Revival? When did it leave? I can draw a direct line from Leadbelly to Devandra Banheart, and guess what... the must just ain't that different or special. It folk music... some of it is really good.

Like and MC and DJ... the power of a voice accompanied only by a guitar is a powerful weapon. It is the flower and the gun. It can make a love song sound like protest music. That power is in Pete Seeger... it's in Patti Smith... it's in Beat Happening... and old Liz Phair and Moldy Peaches and so on...

I can get some of the hoopla over the modernism, Kimya Dawson and Adam Gold are to Neil Young as "Gummo" is to "Drugstore Cowboy.' Rather than proselytize, they place you in the moment. Like a Diane Arbus photo. I appreciate this and I thank them... but didn't Lou, Sterling, Doug and mo do it in the early 70's???

As long as there are guitars to beat on and people with thoughts that need to come out, we'll have this thing. And in times like these, the need to be heard is as important is it was in the Vietnam era.

BTW: Switched to DivShare cuz zShare still blows. If zShare continues to suck, I'll transfer all the mixes over.

Pistol in the Flower

Antsy Pants - Big City
Noah and the Whale - Second Lover
Marnie Stern - Prime 1
Pinkiny Canady - Boop Boop A Doop
Soko - Shitty Day
Elly & Rikkert - Heksenkring
John Frusciante - Your Pussy is Glued to a Building on Fire
Woods Family Creeps - Twisted Tongue
The Shaggs - My Pal Foot Foot
Moldy Peaches - Jorge Regula
The Young Idea - Games Men Play
Majority One - Because I Love
Miss Kenichi - The Lizards
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel # 2
Beat Happening - Drive Car Girl


I discovered music in my basement. Wood panelling seventies. It came out of a wood cabinet stereo, that looked like an end table, until you opened it to reveal the turntable. Most of the time, my mother listened to WNBC. The light sounds of rock. My father's records were a different story. From Folkways to reggae to mildly psychedelic pop - my father flipped through tracks with the fervor of a gabber dj on too much crystal.

Something about that panelling and that cabinet of sounds. Something set a silly fire in my body I later discovered WLIR while playing Colecovision. This was back when it was a rock station. Sundays belonged to Vin Scelsia, who played exactly what he felt. The Velvets, Dolls and Ramones share his playlist with obscure folk and psychedelia.

I've heard there is a revival. I even jacked a track from a private press that Andy Votel rereleased. I don't know? This music is a worn fuzzy sweater to me. Earmuffs for my mind.

White China Weekend

UFO - Unidentified Flying Object
Susan Christie - Yesterday, Where's My Mind
Paul Giovanni - Willow's Song
Interprete Desconcido - Janie's Tomb
Kimya Dawson - You Love Me
Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Azailea and Rhodedendrum
Bobby and I - Everyone's Gone to the Moon
Ismail Lo - Tajabone
Serge Gainsbourg - Je Taime Moi Non Plus (Eiffel 65 Mix)
Glissandro 70 - Portugal Rua Rua
The New Tweedy Bros - I Can See It
Hugo Montenegro - Dizzy (Slowed)
First Edition - I Was the Loser
Justine - Clocks (Hey I Used to Know You)
JK and Co. - Little Children
Stone Harbour - Dying to Love You
David Peel - We Love You

The Adventures of Link (zShare)

zShare appears to be up and available for downloading.

...and for some reason I'm still online. New mix in an hour or two - connection willing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't Try to Wake Me Up in the Morning (Til' Tuesday)

This is the international edition. Didn't plan it that way. Anyway, sweet little lithium ditties from around the globe. Happy on the outside, but dark and troubled at their very core. I wonder why they appeal so much to me.

A few level problems (as always) and i don't feel 100 about the transition from "A Baby" to "New Birth" - I was going for a quick mix... and it's smooth - but it's jerky. Not fixing it... I like the little flaws... like the fucked up paint bucket disaster in the photo above. Anyway... I really like this selection, so I assume it will grow on me.

My internet isn't off yet... so I'm slipping this past the censors... I'll be back online next Tuesday... when Verizon turns me on. Lot's of music to sift through.. so I'll enjoy the break.

prozac sandwich

throw me the statue - your girlfriends car
the dragons - are you there
juana molina - los dejamos
humming urban stereo - dark circle
people under the stairs - a baby (slowed)
cubismo grafico - new birth
the tokens - if i were a carpenter
soko - i'll kill her
piana - ancient note
the mess is mine - no fog
plus-tech squeeze box - (f)ake
sarolta zalatny - adj egy percet
juana molina - los hongos de marosa
sibiria - kastalskolan 9e
ymck - your quest is over

Monday, October 20, 2008


Is art fueled on misery? Most good art is made during times of economic and political strife. It's quit simple, when things are good, music sucks! Right now we are at an interesting time, because artists who truly wish to express themselves have been completely alienated by the mainstream media. Sloppy beats and bad vocoders have replaced the old time microphone, and T-Pain and Rhianna are the Perry Como and Rosemary Cloony of their times. Pointless safe music. Already converted into elevator status.

It is rare for a good song to make it to the radio and that's just the way we like it. The freedom to create music and put it out as you desire is long gone as far as major labels are concerned. If you sign to a major you're music is already sold to a car ad before it's recorded, so it better be safe. Let's celebrate the fact that weird music still exists, and oddballs with instruments and samplers are now free to record at home. Computers have levelled the playing field... and "garage" bands can now make music with decent production values. No more 4 track cassettes and badly pressed vinyl.

Good music is my nectar. And I like to drink.

This is my last post before my internet connection goes bye-bye. I'm already shopping for a new one... but this blog will be pretty slow (if not dead) for at least a week.

Mango Juices

Fasten Your Garters - Tim Love Lee and Roger Roger
The Way Things Do - Octopus Project
Not Awake - Call Me Kat
Transformer 1 (Slowed) - Marnie Smith
Numb Tooth - El Ten Eleven
Amidiral - Sainkho Naimchlak
Tiny Face - Tipper
Smoke Dope and Rap - Dre Dog
Jungle Escape (Daedalus Remix) - Alfred Weisberg
I Think I Love You (Slowed) - The Partridge Family
Classical Records - Department of Eagles
Spike - Wood Family Creeps
Cuddle Fuddle - Passion Pit

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I don't get why people choose narcotics and opiates to run away from their demons. In my experience, these drugs only draw you deeper into Da'ath. Sure, you may be numb and even giddy, but you are completely surrounded by everything that you wish to escape.

Give me Propofol. Give me Sevoflurane. I want to be completely knocked out, dead to my thoughts. Barely breathing. My best drug experience was an overdose of GHB. I completely blacked out for four hours and woke up feeling as though I had had the most restful night's sleep. Luckily I was in good company, I wouldn't recommend this among strangers.

Fuck all that Buddhist Life is Suffering nonsense. Who wants to suffer for 60-100 years in order to enjoy death. Even worse is the modern Judeo-Cristion axiom that one must suffer through life according to stringent rules, to avoid suffering even more after death. That's the type of fucked up logic that creates dope addicts... and governments.

Today's mix is almost all new hip hop... sowed down using general anesthesia. That Passion Pit joint at the end is a current favorite. It reminds me of "Anatina," all beautiful and recorded like crap.


Beeda Weeda - You don't Hear My Tummy
Husalah - Freestyle
Mac Dre/Andre Nikatina - Andre and Andre
Jacka/Berner - Battlefield
Money B - Hookers Go To Heaven
Devin - El Nargas Grande
Kid Cudi - Day N Nite
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
Coldplay - Viva La vida
Z-Ro - If That's How You Feel


zShare is down... so I cannot share any mixes until they are back up. I like zShare because you can click and listen.

I hope they come back up by Tuesday... because I will not have an internet provider for a little bit. My current provider has dropped me, due to their Machiavellian policies regarding downloading... never realizing that in this day and age nobody's bandwidth can truly be secured. Unfortunately, they are too scared of the big scary media lawyers to put up a fight for their clients. Well, all my base are belong to them... so I'm working on getting a new provider.

I'll try to pop into a wifi hotspot occasionally and post something.. but no promises. This pirate leads a mundane life which includes hellishly long hours at a shitty job.

God Speed Verizon, HERE I COME.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Another classic sixties album given the slowed up remix by yours truly. Brian Wilson's deep heart cries out on this, possibly the greatest pop album ever. Pitching it down only helps you feel Herr Wilson's pain, sorrow and confusion. It's a coming of age epic... as a young boy became a man in the spotlight.

I paid close attention to the pitch... and completely resequenced the tracks. I'm suprememly happy with the result, and will be bumping this around in my ears for a long time. I'm not saying that I improved this masterpiece... but I'm happy to have added my likkle Screw touch.

As a bonus, you have the option of listening on zShare or downloading a track separated rar.


Track Seperated rar:

God Only Knows
Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Sloop John B
That's Not Me
Here today
I'm Waiting For the Day
Don't Talk
Hang on to Your Ego
You Still Believe in Me
Let's Go Away For a While
Caroline No
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Pet Sounds

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sorrow and despair are bred by expectations. Those stupid enough to have no dreams or ambition live in bliss. Disappointment is a bi product of looking forward; so why bother even thinking about the future?

No crystal balls or tea leaves here. Just mostly modern music that helps me escape that dreaded hexagram 23. One of my fish died recently... she was the newest member of my tribe. She didn't float. She sank.

Sometimes, I think, I think too much in symbols.

Twisted Floater

Caribou - Melody Day (FourTet Remix)
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - The Best Summer Ever
Foals - The French Open
Pete and the Pirates - Bright Lights
The Castanets - You Are the Blood
Pixies - Caribou (Slowed)
The Rings - Scape Aside
Captain Beefheart - Sweet Sweet Bulbs
Lucky Dragons - I Keep Waiting for Earthquakes
Ghostface - The Sun (Slowed)
Talkdemonic - The Duality of Deathening
Stereolab - The Man With 100 Cells
Dark Captain Light Captain - Spontaneous Combustion
Final Fantasy - Peach, Plum, Pear


A Sunny Day in Glasgow are in serious need of a recording engineer. Their album is dope, but sounds like shit. Why bury such good bass in all that Jesus and Mary Chain fuzz???

Lucky Dragons and Talkdemonic are topping my list lately. I firmly believe that big hip hop producers are going to be mining these little indielectronic acts once they tire of the Daft Punks breaks shit and Grime.

That 4Tet remix = bliss for the less than divided by three

Stereolab rule!

I discovered recently (looking for an exact lyric to title the post) that every indie schmo in the world thinks they can cover "Peach Plum Pear," so I included on of them.

I am unwell... but not unhappy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When I was a little girl I had this place I used to go to in the woods. I used to imagine that it was my fairy wonderland, and I was its little girl queen. Like Ozma or something. My kingdom was beautiful, but surrounded by scary monsters and bleak landscape. It could be a scary place, because every now and then the monsters would invade. Threaten my rule. I tried to make friends with the monsters, but there was no reasoning with them. They were salivating, schizophrenic cretins. Their presence alone would send the good citizens of my country into a frightened frenzy. I used to sing to them, in a feeble effort to calm them down.
This is what I sang.

Subcutaneous Lovesick Blues
Animal Collective - Leaf House
El Perro Del Mar - Happiness Won Me Over
Cocorosie - Madonna
Lucky Dragons - Mirror Firends
Sufjan Stevens - Casmir Pulaski Day
Joanna Newsom - The Book of Right On
MF Doom - Accordian
Murder in the Red Barn - Filth and All
Pete and the Pirates - Moving
Modern Lovers - Hospital
Joanna Newsom - Peach, Plum, Pear
Lucky Dragons - Givers
El Perro Del Mar - To Give Love
Badly Drawn Boy - Bewilder
Burt Bacharach - Raindrops (Instrumental)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


A little change in direction. I really wanted to do a slowed remix of The Mothers of Invention's "We're Only In It For the Money;" so here it is. It's broken into tracks so I mixed it track by track. It was a chore, because the songs switch at odd points (the album itself is a continuous mix.) I pegged it about 90%. All I did was play with pitch - but I played A LOT - sometimes three to four times per track. It's not very noticeable... which is a good thing in a remix.
I like and the album is super important. Zappa's message is as powerful today as it was in 1968. Enjoy.
We're Slowly In It For the Money

Friday, October 10, 2008


Why am I still slippy? I'm still slippy because I am smart and underemployed. I'm still slippy because I've been known to turn a lost weekend into a vacant month. I'm still slippy because I have no car, but I have a next generation console hooked up to my big screen tv. I'm still slippy because most of my friends are email addresses. Most of all, I'm still slippy because I am nearly 38, and still know more about music than your above-average 22 year old.

This mix is a product of the 90s chill out room. That dark bad place smaller than the coat check area. That place where the stoned dj played whatever he wanted... and you listened because you were tripping face and there was one pretty girl laying on the couch. No whistles. No glow sticks. No hand in the air. Just hip-hop, dub and electronica... slowed up according to Screw's prescription.

Still Slippy (Slowed Up)

St. Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Primal Scream - Loaded
Nocoast - UJusta
u-ziq - Hasty Boom Alert
Ranking Ann - Black Rock Posse
Sister Nancy - I'm a Geddeon
Fugees - Vocab
Erot - Song For Annie
Cocteau Twins - Beatriz
Tom Waits - On the Nickel

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Good afternoon, I'm your local news reporter. Just thought I'd let you know that everything is fine. Why wouldn't it be? The United States is the greatest country in the world! The Bailout was approved, and the economy is all better. If you don't understand, we'll have some graphs and a really smart man in an even smarter suit on in a minute to explain.

The war is still going on, but it's a success. No need for photos or footage - that would just compromise our position and even more young men's lives would be lost. Why do you think we lost Vietnam? It's because we let you, the viewer, watch us lose it. Just trust us... we went to broadcasting school to learn how to look really sincere.

The Tot Mom is a bad woman, she's going to jail for a long time. We'll fill you in, so you don't have to listen to all this boring talk about war and the economy. Rodney King lied, but that's okay. He smokes crack now. I guess he feels really guilty for what his lies did to HIS people. No worries, he'll be on our sister station, VH1, soon; and Dr. Drew will make him all better.

All those nasty punk rockers drive really nice cars now. We mass market their clothes and merchandise, so they look a lot better. You don't have to worry about your kids wanting to look like them - it's 2008, and it's alright to look like them. Again, no fear: their loud songs are now filled with U.S. censor-approved lyrics about girls, cars and cell phones. They won't want to burn down any buildings, or shoot up their schools; but they may want your credit card to go shopping at the punk rock store in the mall. That's okay though, buying on credit boosts our economy.

All those dirty hippies work for us now. We hired them from PBS. They drive SUVs bigger than yours and have really healthy stock portfolios. They care more about the Bailout than you do. They'll be no protests this election... this time you have a real choice. Don't worry, you can vote for the old man... or go ahead and choose the nigger. They are both really swell guys.

Oh... that man outside your door?!?! He's just the cable repairman. He's hear to make sure that your TV is digital, so you won't miss the news next year. He'll be knocking shortly. He'll come in, take inventory of your house and lead you to our HD Ready showers where you'll get nice and clean. It's standard procedure... Trust us, we never lie.

Professional Revolutionaries

The Exploited - USA
NWA - Fuck the Police
Malcolm X - White Liberals
Mother of Invention - What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body
Reagan Youth - USA
Billy Bragg - Joe Hill
Bill Hicks - More War
Geto Boys - City Under Siege
Crass - Bloody Revolutions
Mothers of Invention - Bowtie Daddy
Paul Robeson - Joe Hill
D.O.A. - Smash the State
Rage Against the Machine - Fuck the Police
Malcom X - White Disease
The Coup - Fat Cats, Bigga Fish
Crucifucks - Hinkley Had a Vision

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


(Thank you for listening, I'm going to go back to my life of American Excess now...)


Looking down Western Avenue on a clear day is like seeing into infinity. The street spans from the Hollywood Hills all the way to the South Bay. The drive down, a cross section of Los Angeles.

The glitz of the Hills quickly turns seedy as you approach Hollywood Boulevard, with it's porn shops, liquor stores and Art-Deco era flophouses. Spanish guitars and the working class fill out it's midsection... as you cruise from Koreatown into South of Pico. The streets are filled with life, color and hand painted signs for Tire Shops.

This mix is a drive down that street at sunset, with a head full of cough syrup, in a car that barely fits on the street. You've got to drive slow - to see the scenery between ubiquitous palm trees. Like L.A., this mix is laid back, funky and more than a little dirty.

I miss my city!


Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra - Some Velvet Morning
Brasil 66 - Scarborough Fair
Devin the Dude - Highway
Parliament - I Call My Baby Pussycat
Eighties Ladies - Turned On to You
Bobby Womack - Inherit the Wind
Ed Bogas - Angie's Theme
Celly Cell - Can't Tell Me Shit
People Suck
Love Unlimited - Midnight Groove
Ed Bogas - Winston
Too Short - The Ghetto

Monday, October 6, 2008


This one's a small dedication to a few of my musical crushes. Yes, I like the girls. Sure, I love Bowie and Barrett and Robert Smith, but it doesn't compare to that feeling you get when you discover a woman that can literally sing to your soul.

As a kid, I was obsessed with Melanie Safka's bare feet and child's voice. I still am. She reminds me of the Virgin statue I had in my room. I remember seeing the cover of "Stateless" for the first time. and being fixated on Lene Lovich, with her black stare and Fritz Lang lighting. The perfection of Debbie Harry, with her junkie complexion, bad bleach job and luscious DSLs. The odd allure of Nina Hagen, her beautiful Germanic punk glare and dangerous aura. Tell me: who couldn't fall in love with the chubby cheeked Lady in the Radiator, as she sang all our virtual Eraserheads to sleep with her gently twisted lullaby?!?
In 2004 I discovered Cocorosie, and the first album didn't leave my CD player for months. I had to special order Joanna Newsom's first, living in the podunk town I'm in. I picked it up and played it... and was back to Melanie all over again! I just discovered Bat for Lashes... which drew me back to Bjork. And we won't even get into Anabella's orgasmic moaning!
I could rant endlessly about the rock and roll women in my life... but I don't have time. Only know that I have a beautiful punk rock girl sleeping next to me every night. She introduced me to The Distillers... and I immediately played her a copy of "Los Angeles," excited that there was still some good California country punk left in this world.
This is just volume one of many... it is a bit choppy in the beginning, but it smooths out nicely towards the end. I decided not to refine it any... just enjoy my masturbatory ADD, as I think of all the girls I've loved before.

Lene Lovich - Home
Melt Banana - Dig Out!
Le Tigre - Deceptacon
Bow Wow Wow - Sexy Eiffel Towers
The Sugarcubes - Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow
In Heaven
Bat For Lashes - What's a Girl to Do
Blondie - Fade Away and Radiate
The Sugarcubes - Dream TV
The Distillers - Lordy Lordy
X - Los Angeles
Tex and the Horseheads - Bartender Sam
Nina Hagen - African Reggae
Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking
Nina Hagen - Taischi Tarot
Joanna Newsom - Cosmia
Melanie - Close to it All
Cocorosie - Raimbow Warriror

Saturday, October 4, 2008


The slowed up edition of the Super Detritus. This one features a whole new selection of songs and themes ranging from misogyny to waking the fuck up. I was enjoying this one today... especially The Books into "Blackbird" into Lil Troy. Nice little triptych there.
A bit more hip hop in this selection... and a harder selection of reggae. Don't know if you're supposed to be using Diplo's "Guns of Brooklyn," being it's a mixtape cut - but hell... it's not like I'm competition. I simply love the Santogold cover of the classic Clash dub choon. J Live's song rings truer today than it did upon release, Hakim Bey offers advice and Spice gives us the facts about despair... just what this blog is about.
BTW: The Spice track was a Screw favorite. Respect the architect!


Puddin n Tain - Alley Cats
The Bitches - Cellski
The Books - All Our Base Are Belong to Them
The Beatles - Blackbird
Lil Troy - Bitch in My Book
Cat Stevens - The First Cut is the Deepest
Isaac Hayes - Let's Get Together
Desmond Dekkar - Beautiful But Dangerous
Santogold - Guns of Brooklyn
J Live - Satisfied
Hakim Bey - Poetic Terrorism
Spice 1 - Welcome to the Ghetto


I'm tired of people in the hip hop community writing off DJ Screw and his slowed up style of music. Sure, I'm already a convert - but what don't people get? Hip Hop was was built on a foundation of break manipulation and experimentation. Why is the work of Robert Davis seen as "stupid" and a fad to so many in a community of those who profess to love a music that has been demonized with the same terms constantly.
Case in point:
ESG's 'UFO' is a landmark in the genesis of hip hop. The loose drum and bass styles of the sisters Scroggins is as important as David Axelrod and Bob James when it comes to the sample era of hip hop. When Paul Winley first released it on his series of "Super Disco Brakes" (records that simply bootlegged tracks played by the early Bronx pioneers) he pitched it down (played the 45 on 33 actually.) Bambaataa also slowed down Klaus Dinger's (who died this year, sadly) "Neu Beat," which was also a huge influence on the sound of NY disco that evolved into hip hop. Neu, themselves, uber-screwed their own 'Super" and released it as "Super 16" (rpm.) Hence my next mix title.
Why did they do this? Because it sounded good to them. Same reason Screw decided to go full force and slow down everything he could. It suspends the hi hats in mid air and brings out little dubby nuances that are hidden in the regular speed recordings. I'm not expecting everyone to become a full fledged fanboy like me, but at least respect it.
The two examples:
UFO (Regular and Slowed)
Hallo Gallo (Regular and Slowed)

Friday, October 3, 2008


Leftover puzzle pieces. Where do they come from? Where should they go? This is is made up of the first lump of shit sitting in folders and subfolders from my previous month's worth of mixes. There will be familiar names and styles, as I tried to fit uncompromising pieces together in the previous jigsaws.

I foresaw this experiment early on. I even looked forward to it. Subconsciously, I assume I may have picked songs that didn't fit, so they'd accumulate here. Thereby forcing the hand of chance as they came together so nicely. It works. The segue between Cat Steven's eerie erection song and Zappa's protest piece is perhaps the greatest segue I've ever accomplished. I almost regret using Manson's original "Cease to Exist" and not the beautiful Beach Boys cover in my last mix. Same goes for the original version of 'Olio' per the FOUND DEAD mix.

I wanted to hear the long krautrock at the beginning, but didn't think they should take up 20 minutes of mix time. They still shouldn't, and this mix kind of re-begins at "Porky Scratchings." i tried to anchor it with some more kraut at the end. If it bores you - fast forward to 25 minutes.

Got some of this great music here:

I'm enjoying these mixes... hope somebody else out there is too.

Detritus Uno

David Axelrod - A Divine Image
Nearby Shiras/The Spaceman - Kalacara/Charles Manson
Beach Boys - Never Learn Not to Love
Neu! - Hallo Gallo
Splodgenessabounds - Porky Scratchings
Isaac Hayes - Tough Guys Title Theme
Cat Stevens - Mona Bone Jackon
Mothers of Invention - Hungry Freaks Daddy
13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
Dusty Springfield - All Cried Out
Charles Manson - Garbage Dump
Eno - Another Green World
The Books - Be Good to Them Always
Get This Power - Jane
The Rapture - Olio
The Guess Who - Laughing
The Partridge Family - I Woke Up In Love This Morning
Udo Lindenberg - Paradise Lost
David Axelrod - Fantasy for Ralph
Isaac Hayes - End Theme Tough Guys

R.I.P. ISAAC HAYES... you will never be The Chef to some of us!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Squeaky and Bobby on the original cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors"

Charlie was right, can I get an AMEN! It's about time they pardoned him, let him out of Corcoran and let him run for President. He warned us... we just all failed to listen. If he was wearing an expensive suit, with a $4000 Just For Men dyed cut he'd be giving these two slobs a run for their money in 2008. I'm not joking.

Look past the stigma and the wild eyes and you have a man who preached the gospel in the late 60's. He hated America's greed and had a simple solution. Drop out. Live free, fuck and eat from the garbage cans of the rich. They waste enough to feed every hungry soul on God's Used-to-Be-Green Earth. No one was listening, and a few of his followers chose to murder some rich piggies... settle some debts and make a statement. I hardly see the harm in that.

Instead... we, as a culture, vilify Charlie and instead make heroes out of rich socialites, cancerous cyclists and silly young boys who swim fast. No wonder He hated us.

Anyway... here's a few songs that probably weren't on any 8 Tracks at the Spahn Ranch... most are from the 70's... but their spirit reminds me of the Family and their spirit.

I'm going now, to carve an X on my forehead in solidarity.

Family Favorites

The 5th Dimension - The Winds of Heaven
Cat Stevens - Matthew and Son (Slowed)
Charles Manson - Cease to Exist
Melba Moore - Easy to Be Hard
The Doors - Wishful Sinful
Killdozer - I Am I Said
Wes Montgomery/Charles Manson - California Dreaming (Charlie Style)
Smokey Robinson - The Tracks of My Tears (Slowed)
The Ramones - Danny Says
David Axelrod/Charles Manson - Our Father/Our King (Our Family)
De La Soul - I Am I Be (Slowed)
Blood Sweat & Tears - You Made Me So Very Happy
The Beatles - Piggies
The Doors - Do It
CSNY - Teach Your Children (Slowed)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Time Travel is possible. Approximately 30 years in approximately 50 minutes. This selection of music = the equation. My theory of relativity. My quantum leap (minus Dean Stockwell's annoying appearance.) From Macgyver mullets to nuevo-Brooklyn chic... this is the prog of my past, present and future.

And yes D. Boon - punk rock did change my life. Unlike Bradley and Sublime, it didn't turn me into a junkie making psuedo-cool Dave Matthews' frat ska. It made me a jaded, illin' muh'fucker who refuses to cast a vote in yet another imaginary election.

Fuck the World... I'm Rick James BITCH!


Big Black - Kerosene
Pretty Girls Make Graves- Sad Girls Por Vida
El Ten Eleven - Every Direction is North
TV On the Radio - I was a Lover
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane
Nine Inch Nails - Hurt (Slowed)
Aphex Twin -Windowlicker
Minutemen - History Lesson (Slowed)
El Ten Eleven - Hot Cakes
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Hollow Eyes
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Why I Love Country Music