Friday, December 12, 2008


Another day off from work. Another morning of plugging away at nothing while my poor thumb heals. I know it's hard to feel bad for someone who's been forced into a Christmas Vacation (hopefully paid, we'll see when my Comp check comes), but it can be a little draining. Besides, it makes me feel like a Fuller-ian failure.

What am I doing with my spare time? Am I learning a new language? No. Writing a novel? No. Designing a better deli slicer. Hell naww... but I saw a few safer ones online.

I'm listening to music, making these mixes and playing Wii bowling. I played myself against my Charlie Manson Mii and beat myself 290 to 288 yesterday. Somewhere between the two games I was playing, I scored my first 300 (I bowled 17 strikes in a row in the middle - but neither "player" bowled a perfect 300.) Exciting stuff!

Hope this mix proves more exciting than my current life of leisure and displeasure.

In Kansas, Nevermore

Nightshadow - Prologue
Vandermark 5 - Other Cuts (For Curtis Mayfield)
Dru Dwon - Done Deal (Slowed)
Ait! - In Rememberence
Cut Chemist - A Peak in Time
Beauty School Dropout - Motherfucking Pop (Slowed)
7 Hurtz f/ Peaches - Sexy Dancer
Bermuda Triangle - Dream On
Jim Collins - Time for Now
E - Close My Eyes

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