Saturday, December 27, 2008


I've been loving this mix... and all this new great electronica being put out. Did it really take Andy Votel to finish the job started by Alex Patterson and Broadcast and P5 and tons others... finally solidifying the connection between avant psychedelia and "IDM"???? Dunno... I've always blended the two - in my head and in mixes. Either way... there's so much good shit coming out of what I thought was a dead genre. Add Noizenid's excellent C+S mix of "Womanizer." Add some great indie dub, cute j-pop, classic underground Cash Money and what I assume is a bizarre as fuck Kenny Dixon bonus beat and you get this installment of my fucked up brain.

the old master painter

faux fox - personal best (weird tapes mix)
terminal 11 - fractured sunshine
the long lost - woebegone (flying lotus' luckiest charm)
michael head and the strands - queen matilda
prussia - plantation workers (unite and take over)
tenniscoats - donna donna
durdy jack f/ turk and baby - our thang (slowed)
zol - syphillissupastar
britney spears - womanizer (chopped and slowed by dj noizenid)
west coast pop art experimental band - eighteen is over the hill
flavio kurt - walderez walderia
la barra de chocolate - proyectos de un ladron prisonero
kiiiii - carp and sheep (cdm mix)
moodyman - untitled

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