Wednesday, September 30, 2009


shit mood. some lightness. end on a high note. die.

that's the current state of affairs. not much to be thankful for the harvest season. still, sadness and pain has been the inspiration for expression since the first cave dweller got his heart broken.

this mix won't reinvent the wheel, but it's a nice little ride. starts out fuzzy psychedelic, gets spooky and ends in heartache and mystery. if anything, I've found my voice in these past few years and made some great friends in my head.


Peter Sellars - She Loves You
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Black Butter
Paranel - Mama's Fake Rock
125 Rue Montmartre - Safari
Humberto Luis Schenone - El Negro Canta y se Va
Paitientasadog - Pornophonik
Evgeny Grinko - 28359840921-42 (Nattymari's Dub Wash)
IBM - A Music Box Refliction
J Pop Happiness Break
Guillamino - Heartache Pains
Chris Gilby - Moonlight Lady (Nattymari Lost in Delay Mix)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Cheese Hess. I really don't want to turn this shit into an emo blog. It's about the music. But mixes tell stories, right?? Well here's the story of a resident alien, Valentine Fricking Michael. It's fucking hard to have to sit in a house you've called home for five years and feel like a stranger. Emotional terrorism at it's finest = the world's worst torture. The next millenia's armies should use love as a weapon.

Hopefully this mix conveys the anger, hurt, sadness and desolation inside of me at it's inception. Like any true time capsule, it doesn't get Artaud's stamp of approval until it hurts! It's brash, tinny and doesn't make much sense. Just like my life at the time of this b log.


Bark Cat Bark - Chardon 1,2/Ezerville
Orgone Accumulators - Don't Panic
Oto - Bats
Tipper - Swipe Dub
Cheveu - Hello Friends
Fuck Buttons - Space Mountain
Boris - Buzz In (Nosaj Thing Mix)
R. Lorenz - Francis and Friends
Los Gringos - Nippon Samba


but finished new mix. have to give it a last listen... but should be up tonite or morrow.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Why is disco so delicious and dark? A delicate question. My current theory is that it is musical cocaine. A partygoer said it best in the Levan doc "Maestro." No matter how shitty your week is... you can simply get on the dancefloor and feel free for the next few hours. Another key factor is that it is the product of some of the most depressed and drug-addled minds ever. Seriously fucked people attempting to make 'happy' music. Whatever it is, I love it and it suits me.

This mix is pure New York. Dirty levels and shaky bassbins. The soundtrack to a John Hughes film starring Jeff Stryker... with lots of blow and ass sex. Grab a straw...


Adrian Juarez - Hasta Grecia en Triciclo
Ali Renault - Cuffs
Memory Control 1 - Basic
Beautiful Swimmers - Swimmer's Groove
Wolfgang Reichmann - Wunderbar
Sauveur Mallia - Future Vision
Extraperlo - Tus Palmas
Washed Out - New Theory

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Lost amidst domestic cold war, passion comes forth in mounds. Silence counters constant crisis. Flesh... that's weighed by pounds.

My loss=your gain....


Lucia Draft - Not Interested
Five Letters - Shad Ap
Lee Douglas - Ravm
Ghoul - Swimming Pool (Remix)
Legowelt - Star Trek Over Detroit
Black Slate - Feel a Dub (Nattymari Dub)
Ralph Lundsten - Discophrenia
Jonothan Jerimiah - Happiness (Moran Geist Mix Meets Nattymari Dub)
Roland Young - Row Land

Friday, September 18, 2009


It's been a while since I've done a Detritus mix. I believe this qualifies as 9 or summat. Songs lost in the shuffle to create quality mixes. This one doesn't necessarily go all over the place... but there's some crazy curves and angular expressions.


Ceu- Espaconave (Slurred & Blurred)
Applescal - Red Dress
Phantogram - Let Me Go
Business Man - Dubby Game
Exploding Boy - See you
My My - Swiss on Rye
Bleven Blectum - Emptybottlestar
Die Dominas - Die Wespen Dominas

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My nutrition is Levan and and Baldelli and Loda. Scratch and Tubby and Factory Records. Inner Space and Ze. Hardy and Harvey and Heaven and Hell. Record Vans and Island Ears. Trouser Presses and Magazine Creem.


Hays Mallory - Un Peu de Rouge
Guillamino - Sensi
Canyons - Blue Snakes
Sly Mongoose - Snakes and Ladders
Tiedeye - Nothing Else Matters
Dial M for Murder - The Mourning Comes the Morning
Altair Nouveau - Sorcerer
OMD - Of All the Things We've Made

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Think I'm going to have to call this one a dance mix. It's plodding and fun,. Fills about the side of a 90 minute cassette. Sounds vaguely like you could keep a groove. Well, at least till the end...

The story of my life.


Stevie Dicks - Youth
Fake Blood - Grumpy (Greg Wilson Edit)
Depth Charge - Shy
Ajello - Dolphy (In Flagranti Edit)
Matmos - Sweat and Sequins (For Larry Levan)
Ike Yard - NCR (Funkstorung Mix)
Västkustska Ryggdunkarsällskapet - Don't Dub Around Here No More
Bottin - Endless Mother
Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Slurred & Blurred)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This mix is horrendously dissociative.

Film gone wrong.

Complete with popcorn intermission.

Cassavetes crazy!


Lawrence - The Dream
Azymuh - Morning
Coyote - Wasted
JJ - Ecstacy
David Perian and Alberto Baldan - Last Pop Tango
Leroy Hangover - Pin (Les Rhythmes Digitales Mix)
Pink Stallone - Swiss Ambulance

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dunno who these guys on the cover are... nor what their album sounds like... but it popped up on Google when I was looking for images for the mix.

Another really good mix in my humble. This one came pretty effortlessly too. Nice transitions and some really good use of dynamics. Some freaky shit, J-Pop noise, library funk, Bear funk and more.

The first of my How He Do mixes... dedicated to how me do.

Tracklist will come.


Gary Wilson - You Think You Really Know Mr
Wool Strings - Let's Get Away From It All
Experimental Little Menkey - Me Aburres
Adrian Juarez - La Delgada Virgen de los Jacintos
MAkeshivt Kity - 7th Heaven
ooIoo - Honki Ponki
Altz - Orympia Rocks
Shut Up
Angela Aux - We the Space (Slurred and Blurred)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dedicated to the people who have lost their apartments and belongings due to a streak of Greek Lightning in our little city. No matter how small the city.... the lords of slum will be present.

Okay... fixed it. Something happened and Audition read the source file, not the remix (it happens sometimes and I usually catch it.) It sounds good now. Real good actually.


Atlas Sound - Kid Klimax
An-2 - Wide Open
The Glass - Wanna Be Dancin
Nico - Win a Few
Northwest Man - I Wish (Slurred and Blurred)
Lights - War Theme
Metallic Falcons - Four Hearts
Gregory Phillips - That's the One