Monday, September 29, 2008


My left hip hurts. Too much work and stress and sickness. It's a pulsing throbbing ache that won't go away this morning. Music is my only medicine. Spent the past two days practically robotripping trying to fight this damn cold so I can pull 22+hours in the next two days. On my feet - aching.

Some psychedelia may help.

Sunbeams and Swizzlehips

Erik Satie - 3 Gymnopodies
Nico - Wrap your troubles in dreams
Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years from Home
Can - Father Cannot Yell
Portishead - Karmacoma (Portishead Rerub)
Lee Scratch Perry - Bucky Skank
Neu - I'm So Gluck
Ashra Tempel - Schizo
Edan - Promised Land
Bauhaus - Teror Couple Kill Colonel (Version)
The Cure - Primary
Joy Division - Komakino
M.I.A. - 20 Dollar
David Bowie - Breaking Glass

Notes: slowed the Edan down. all the krautrock mess in the middle is preparing me for future krauty goodness. culled all of this out of my collective memory with the help of Soulseek. a lot of favorites on here. this is comfort food folks!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Junkies have the right idea. Don't let anyone tell you that there's any honor in suffering through reality sober. That's bullshit. I mean, why ride on your rims, shooting sparks, when it's far easier to add some big inflatable rubber tires?? It's simply a matter of logic.
Lou Reed put it perfectly when he proclaimed "I Found a Reason." A junk habit crystallizes life down to the basics. Wake up... boot up... feel better! It's good feng shui. It adds order and rationality.
This mix reminds me of the Vets that came home in the 70's with a $200 a day habit. It's got that same fuzzy sheen that personifies the decade. It's encoded on grainy celluloid... like "Taxi Driver" or something.
dope sick:after dinner mints
jefferson airplane - today
roy ayers - (everybody loves the) sunshine
black sabbath - planet caravan
tommy james - crimson and clover
war/eric burden - spill the wine
fleetwood mac - dreams
jefferson starship - miracles
isley bros. - voyage to atlantis
tricky - carriage for two
carpenters - close to you

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Strap on your suicide machines kids! This is probably the last ride. I'm not really tired of living (although I am dog sick!)... but I think I'm tired of the angry hopeless electro punk for now... which is why this mix is a bit of a mess and all over the place. It has its own unique charm though. I'm sure the chill foggy days will draw me into the cold wave again shortly... but I need a break!

I listened twice and enjoyed this. "Mongoloid" is a beast!!! A bit too much phasing on "Bye Bye Love" but oh well. The success of the few slowed tunes I've included recently, and the new Z-Ro lp have forced me to start channelling Screw. Tomorrow a mix of 70s gold, slowed and throwed for Paul Fucking Newman!

Tired of Living

vita motis - alone
pimpsta - Track 2
mittageisen - neuss china
devo - mongoloid
the cars - bye bye love (slowed up and spaced out)
nick paine - california bleeding
nervous gender - excorcism
Max Splodge - isubeleene
e-mill - death and destruction
viva la fete - he ne veux pas
tone set - what good's a hit song (slowed up and spaced out)
z-ro - tired (slowed up)


Spent the past two days trying to fight the germs in my body. Bleh!
Have a new mix, will post it up today after work.
BTW - Finally made Google searches. Looking forward to some blips on mi globos.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Didn't have a chance to post yesterday. Was sorting out how to make a mix on Cool Edit in the morning. Pissed me off completely. Spent the rest of my day with Manda... eating cheap sandwich and watching a Japanese Zombie flick (STACY, for anyone interested.) Perfect way to spend one of those rare days off together.

Woke up this morning determined to figure this program out. Picked out some of my favorite nuggets from the Flexipop bootlegs... and some other shite that I wanted to listen to. No major theme... just angry synth punk and cheap Joy Division wannabes. I definitely think Cool Edit is a better way to go as far as smoothing out transitions. Could full fledged mixing be far off??? I hope not... I'm enjoying being an organic Jukebox.

Listening to this stuff made me really hate all the new retro trash. Sure, there's a few songs around that my ear likes (and you'll probably hear them on here sooner or later.) But really, I don't care how skinny your tie is or how well tailored your black on red suit looks... you are all a bunch of faggot ass emo bitches!! You can "shake shake shake shake-a-shake it" all you want... you can whine about "losing your edge" from your $5000=a=month two bedroom loft in Williamsburg... you can get Beth B to film your video and pretend to have credibility - but the truth is you are The Jonas Brothers in Ric Ocasek drag. Miley Cyrus in a Kim Wilde leotard. So fuck off!

When I was a record store junkie I bought tons of new shit... and I don't miss any of it now that I don't have my records. 11 volumes of "A Tribute to Flexipop" suits me fine... no need to dress up like Liquid Sky and try to recreate an era you couldn't possibly understand! As an old man, I'm slightly flattered you jock my generation so much... but you still suck!

Just listen to Xex, who were from Jersey... but you'd never know it! Shouts out to my long lost friend Lorraine, who was actually in the group. I miss you.

Anyway... this is a tough selection of suicide music... try to enjoy it as you bloody up the bathroom tiles!

Farcry Frum Sanity

Grauzone - Eisbar
Easter and the Totem - Nothing There
Trumpetto & Einstein - Parking Garage II
Xex - Svetlana
The Metronomes - Ballad of the Metronome
Minny Pops - Werktitel 7
Charles de Goal - Exposition
Merrilee Rush - Love Street (Slowed Up)
The Units - Cowboy
Count Vertigo - I'm a Mutant
R. Stevie Moore - What Are You Looking At?
Nash the Slash - Swing Shift (Flexi Version)
Anomy - Lone Wolf
Milovan Srdnovic - San Quentin
Sir Reg - I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues (Slowed and Spaced)

BTW: You can find most of these songs on these two blogs:

Most of these songs I have a long history with... others I just heard this week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yes I'm Dafydd. I doubt I'm the only gay in the village. Actually, I seriously doubt I'm gay at all. I like pussy, titties and fat ass... really.... No, REALLY!!! Problem is, I also like disco. A whole hell of a lot. Maybe more than pussy and titties. Probably not as much as fat asses.

But wait... guys can have fat asses too, right?? And most straight guys don't like disco (unless it's retro divorcee night at Crush Bar or something.) In fact, most straight guys don't talk to their cats as much as I do. They don't even have cats. They listen to Metallica and have Pit Bulls. Drive 4X4's and beat the living shit out of their wives after their team loses the big game.

I'm getting confused. I mean, I live with a girl. I remember having sex with her recently. I enjoyed it (I'm pretty sure.) But I have three cats. I listen to Salsoul and I've never beaten any of my girlfriends. Not even when Larry Levan died. And if I drove a car, it would probably be a pink Miata.

Now I'm really confused!

Anyway... here's a little blogcast that demonstrates my confusion. It's filled with gay white disco. They kind that sounds best when burying your face deep into a hairy asshole and licking like there's no tomorrow!

Enjoy it (I know I will!)

Pale Face Fag Funk (White Boys Can't Control It)

Wham! - Bad Boys
Modern Romance - Nothing Ever Goes the Way It's Planned/Queen of the Rapping Scene
Quando Quango - Love Tempo
Fine Young Cannibals - Johnny (Come Home)
Haircut 100 - Love Plus One
JoBoxers - Just Got Lucky
The Clash - Rock the Casbah (Hotmix Version)
Wham! - Wham! Rap
Robbie Nevil - C'est La Vie (Latin Rascals Mix)
Culture Club - White Boys Can't Help It

Monday, September 22, 2008


This mix is similar to "Runner," both musically and stylistically. This time, I used Goblin's brilliant soundtrack to "Profundo Rosso" as my template. I've listened to this a few times and I really like it. Dark, aggro and a bit creepy. Many of the songs used here were found on this Blog:

Again, thanks!

A few notes, as I am rushed this morning and have to work 12 to 14 hours today.

-That Units track is currently my favorite track of all time. It's been draining batteries since I found it... this is the 7" version, which is far superior to the overproduced album cut.

-That "Future Fun" track borders on power pop, but has that wicked drumline and almost sounds like proto-Pixies at times. It seemed out of place at first listen, but it's grown on me. That's what I mean about the divination of mixology.

-The Pas de Deux track skips. I'm playing the DJ Screw/DJ Harvey card here. I like the mix... it's flawed... so what... get used to it... I did!

-"Moogie Bloogies" is so wickedly decadent that I almost crap my pants every time I hear it. That's British stage star Anthony Newly with Delia Derbyshire (who wrote the "Dr. Who" theme.) They obviously had some help from Dr. Hoffman on this one!!!

-And "No Tears?" Nuff fucking said - so brilliant they should just rename the entire Bay Area Tuxedomoon.

Today it's all about the music... all I know is I'm pretty hooked on this little mixie.



School at Night - Goblin
Lobotomy - Neon
High Pressure Days - Units
Night Running - B Film
Future Fun - 3 Minutes
Kung Fu Killer - 6 Minute War
Zurist Ich - Silvia
Cinzano Wet Dreams - Soft Drinks
Child at Night - Goblin
Toys - Ma Cole
Lits Jemeuax-Pas De Deux
Trouble at the Cup - Black Randy and the Metrosquad
Anthony Newley - Moogie Bloogies
No Tears - Tuxedomoon
Echo at Night/Death Dies - Goblin

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Bob Moog killed analog music. The advent of synth and electronics completely destroyed the progression that music was making in the mid to late 60s. Sure, the mainstream held dear to it's four piece: guitar,bass, drum and vocal template... but krautrockers and proggers were already setting the seeds for the electronic revolution. Add the evolution of dub in Jamaica, and it was game over for all the little dirty hippies as early as early as 1966. The death knell was ringing... it just took a while for the world to hear it.
There is an incredible line of distinction created by this seismic shift in evolution. Sixties music sounds alien to modern ears. Its boxy fuzz and analog-effected vocals. It's hard to think that it was the "now" sound of the time, and fans considered themselves "mod." C'mon people, there's actually song structure involved... how archaic is that?!?!?!?!
I love the shit, personally. Especially the conflicting sounds of "light psychedelia." The hard stuff sounds too much like punk... but music like The Carpenters and Merrilee Rush really sounds like suicide music. It's no wonder that Charlie Manson wanted to be the next Brian Wilson. Mid-Sixties rock is dark, dark territory. I tried, in this mix, to capture that darkness... including some obvious, some nuggets and two songs from Brian Jonestown Massacre... the only revivalists that ever got it right.
Most of this music reminds me of my childhood and WNBC. Summers on the front lawn with the transistor radio on... tepidly blaring the sounds of AM radio. I was young... and didn't even pick up on the thick marijuana fog that is contained withing these tunes. The tragedy and despair of a generation with no hope except to fight in a meaningless war. Their generation... our generation... this generation... Thank God we at least had videogames!
Turn on and tune out folkers!
The Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun
Classics iv - Stormy
23rd Turnoff- Michael Angelo
The Cowsills - the rain,the park and other things
Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion
Love - Maybe the People...
The Leaves - Hey Joe
Curiousity Shoppe - Baby I Need You
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Servo
Marmalade - I See the Rain
Merrilee Rush - Angel of the Morning
Melanie - Leftover Wine
The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions
The Partridge Family - I can Feel Your Heartbeat
The Guess Who - These Eyes
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Swallowtail
Charles Manson - Look at Your Game Girl

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Track selection is a form of divination. An oracle of sorts. In the Jungian sense, one is taking familiar images and aligning them is a subconscious manner, thereby utilizing the symbols as archetypes. It's magick, pure and simple. That's why every lonely boy makes a mixtape, in hopes that it will cast some sort of spell over the object of his desire.

For me at least, making a mix works better than the Tarot or I Ching. These are MY symbols. My archetype. The more (seemingly) random the tracks... the deeper insight I get into myself upon playback. It's a wonderfully useful tool, especially since my ex-psychologist is threatening to sue me for lack of payment. For real, he sends me emo letters like some jilted lover. For now, I guess this is a cheap, effective alternative.

So this morning, after posting before work I decided to attempt a mix in a more structured manner. When I used to play out for people, I cannot count the times I started sets with Lydia Lunch's "Dance of the Dead Children"/Sisters of Mercy "Bury Me Deep" and ended with Bauhaus' "Crowds." These are three of my most coveted Trump cards. Records with so much history that they can't help but dredge emotion out of every pore. They speak to me on a deeper level. they are familiar, yet they always work.

So I set to work while toiling away at my insipid job. I spent a decent hour jotting down a tracklist. Songs with history. Songs with meaning. Having work to do allowed me to not think about it too much. I just listed songs as they came to me, and before long had a decent hour of tracks I've listened to thousand of times and played out hundreds. My soundtrack. My Atu.

After work I hit the Soulseek crates (it's easier than actually looking through my collection) and found every last one of them. While looking and listening, I was amazed at how I can attach specific memories to every one of these songs. From the red light teenage years to the present... these songs somehow tell my life story.

Yes, a lot of New Ro/Goth and a little mid 90s Bristol. It would be easy to scoff at the obvious selection as a pretentious spotter's playlist (it sort of is) but it's more than that. Some of these genres have come and gone in my life, but these songs remain. and they remain strong. I can remember looping that guitar part in the middle of "A Strange Day" over and over again, until the 5 people at The Parlour got tired of it. But I didn't stop. I just slid the fader back and forth, hypnotized. I remember finding that green covered Anne Clark at Record Surplus in Santa Monica, just knowing it was going to sound good.

More than that... I remember finding Tricky's "Love Cats" earlier this year, while making one of my own "magickal mixtapes." I had given up on Tricky after "Angels With Dirty Faces" and didn't even know this little nugget existed. And boy does it sound good wedged between Siouxise and Tears for Fears. "She's Hit" IS me at 17-19. trading my polished new wave in for dirty beatnik... yet retaining that something that made new wave so special. "Wandering Star' reminds me of when I lived in East Hollywood and "Dummy" was the only thing that could insulate me from dealing with the beginning of a crumbling relationship. It was my Hexagram 23... and there was no advantage in any sort of movement at all.

Everything Falls apart.

Anyway, before I start crying into my keyboard... let the music begin:

Found Dead in a Crowded Space


Lydia Lunch - Dance of the Dead Children

Sisters of Mercy - Bury Me Deep

The Cure - A Strange Day

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Christine

Tricky - The Love Cats

Tears for Fears - Mad World

The Passions - I'm in Love with a German Filmstar

Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis

The Rapture - Olio (DFA Mix)

Keep Your Mouth Shut - Nearly God

u-ziq - Daughter of a Child

Oingo Boingo - Running on a Treadmill
Shriekback - Faded Flowers

Portishead - Wandering Star

The Birthday Party - She's Hit

Bauhaus - Crowds

Thanks to: Aron's Records, DJ Naughty (who turned me to 'Olio' at the Echo,) Soulseek, Record Surplus, Manda, Toni, Koila, Gigi, Jobi, the 5 people at the Parlour on Sundays, the early Bellmore Crew - all for inspiration and sharing this music with me in the past, Grand Theft Auto (for reintroducing me to that Passions track I thought I forgot about.)

P.S. Granted, I'm no Peter Seville, but the graphic is actually inspired by those ubiquitous 80s Factory rip-off covers, not the aesthetic genius of Mr. Seville himself. It's amazing how that cheesy fauz Factory became the look of Windham hill New Age over the years!



For this mix, I used Jerry Goldsmith's score for "Logan's Run" as a segue tool. It's dissonant ARP bleating seemed a great choice. Some of his work, "Love Shop" specifically, sounds amazingly similar to early Throbbing Gristle. As for the songs... the majority of them are older agitpop and drum machine punk. The only newish track is "Sarah" by Bat for Lashes... which just fit so well next to the Analoid track that I had to use it. The Executive Slacks and Distributers songs are gimmies, and both are dope as fuck. I'm so glad to have found the Black Randy discography online... it's eluded me for over a decade and a half (thank you Motis and Cinema Obscura!) A lot of neat stuff packed into this hour... much of it culled from this blog:

I discovered a lot of cool stuff on there, check it out.

I ended with two less obvious tracks. For those of you who dig minimal synth but cringe at the thought of a Peter Gabriel song... stop being posers! "Games Without Frontiers" is as quirky, analog and decadent as anything released on cassette in 1983 and limited to 30 copies. It's not uncool just because it's prog and mainstream. And Bottom Posse... well - I'm looking forward to doing a mix of exclusively Minimal Synth Gangster Rap in the future... it's a passion of mine and I've been collecting the rare gems for a few years now. I may even have enough for a mix. until then, I'll just scatter little gems (flashing red to black, of course) here and there.



Title Theme (Logan's Run)-Jerry Goldsmith
Desespoir Desespere - Analoid
Sarah - Bat For Lashes
Down at the Laundromat - Back Randy and the Metrosquad
Madhatter - Moev
Lone Wolf's Theme - Shogun Assassin Sdtrk
TV Me - The Distributers
Amputate - Skinny Puppy
Back to Burnsley - Skuik
Auscult - Untitled IV
Collapsible New People - Fad Gadget
III - Ann Summer
Je T'Ecris D'Un Pays - Les Visiteurs Du Soir
Rampenlicht - Kreutzer
Thirty Years - Executive Slacks
Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
Life's a Bitch - Bottom Posse
Debriefing - Jerry Goldsmith

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

Sure, I was a new romantic. I had the hair... the frown... the attitude. I wore the black and had a red light in my bedroom. I'd sit in that bedroom and type out poems like I was some sort of Baudelaire, cutting crucifixes into my arm with a razor blade.

Am I supposed to be embarrassed? New Ro was the Emo of its time. I was a morbid, drunk sissy boy in creepers and eyeliner. None of that industrial aggression and angst.. just the pure serotonin of tears and torment. I was the gutter heart on Marc Almond's shoulder... the protagonist of some devastating 19th century French novel.

I listened to a lot of other music... I could slam the pit with the best... but I wore my heart on my sleeve like a true romantic. Writing poems to girls I hardly knew, just knowing my gut-wrenching verse would inspire them to join me in a suicide pact. Take the pain away forever.

I'm older now. I discovered cyberpunk and raves in the nineties. Dance to disco in the early part of this decade. Still, I'm proud of my tragic awkwardness, and I always find that the world comes back to New Romantics every couple of years.

Why?, well it would have to be songs like this:

13 Buckets of Tears

Men Without Hats-Antarctica
Secession - Simon Says
SSQ - Walkman On
Electronic - Gangster
The Birthday Massacre - To Die For
FPU - Ocean Drive
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
Ministry - Revenge
Visage - Fade to Gray
SSQ - Jet Town
Peter Godwin - Images of Heaven
Endgames - First, Last, Everything
Fad Gadget - I Discover Love

Welcome to the Terrordome

My name is DAF. I'm starting this today in order to share my ideas and ideals. A lot of music and maybe some ramblings about movies, books, art and my life. This is not a leech site... all music posted will be in mix form. I look forward to comments and possibly attracting a few freaks.

A little history. I'm 37 and have been a media junkie since I was about 5... so there's a lot of knowledge in this old head of mine. I hate ranking things... but music will always be my main love. I don't care what genre it is... if it's good, it's good. What to expect: new romantic, minimal synth, disco, dub and hip-hop... skronky nerdy ramblings with the direction of a hyperactive child without his Ritalin.

I decided a long time ago that I don't like people. I love their ideas and how they express themselves. I even like to see them smile and wave at me sometimes... but I don't feel comfortable around them. I used to DJ, and was quite good at it, but I didn't enjoy the social aspect of being out and on display. Since then I've given up on DJ-ing and records and just about everything you hear on here will be simply mixed using some sort of program... utilizing the mp3s I find on various blog during my own searches. A lot of these records I own... many I hunted down in my decades as a fiendish collector. Nowadays, it is just too easy to search for it and find it. I thank everyone who does the work for me. I guess I'm not patient enough myself. I will, however, try to give props to the blogs who share music they rip - and maybe they will like my little broadcasts.

Call me selector!