Thursday, December 18, 2008


Back to the nonsense. I'll be seeing the doctor today and probably be cleared for work. My thumb looks healthy... but halved. It feels weird and I'll have to get used to the strange bevel... but oh well!!
Been doing family stuff with the lady's familia. Eating and celebrating her sister's triumphant return from Japan and imminent divorce from the U.S. Navy (or at least a single Naval officer.)

I've concocted this little mix of slowed up stew... from indie folk to g funk and all parts in between. On first listen, I think I like it... hope someone else will too.

Oh yeah... my Ian Curtis Mii is now a member of the 300 club on Wii bowling. Wu-fucking-00t!


Patricia Kaas - Addicte Aux Heroines
Hush Arbors - Rue Hollow
Skyphone - Cloud Panic
G Side - Alipines Kick
The Bird and the Bee - What's in the Middle
Poni Hoax - The Paper Bride
Gampall Jookabox - Ponta (Deppchef Mix)
Cryan Shames - 20th Song
Eastsidaz - The Final
Dianne Cluck - Easy to Be Around
Radioclit - Get It Up

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