Saturday, December 13, 2008


I love other people's "Best of 2008" lists. It reminds me of records I forgot about, points me to some stuff I wouldn't have checked out or missed... Personally, though, I have trouble making one up. I have trouble catagorizing music choronologically period. If an album came out in 1969, but I only heard it yesterday - then it's new to me, right??? Doesn't it deserve to be on my best of list then?!?!?

This all confuses me. For the past few months I've tried to string together a mix almost daily. In these pages, you'll hear just about EVERYTHING I'm listening to. Therefore, I'd rather just forge ahead and keep on giving you mixes of groovy music as often as I can.

Watersprt Court

Christine 23 Onna - New Dawn on a Crystal Planet
Klimperei and Pierre Bastian - Morceau en Forme de Pinces
Icy Demons - Manny's
E feat. Dru Down - People Say
Dusk and Blackdown - Focus (Slowed)
Mistral - Starship 109
Silver Jews - The Right to Remain Silent
Earth - Coda Maetoso in F(flat) Minor
Bobby Conn - 69 Anee Erotique
Klimperei and Pierre Bastian - Sous les Tropiques
Spice 1 - Cash Rules (slowed)
Eddy Detroit - Time Alone
My Little Airport - When I Listen to the Field Mice
1/2 Japanese - Penny in the Fountain (Slowed)


K L I M P E R E I said...

hello from klimperei !

nattymari said...

hello Klimpieri... great musique!!! Me likey likey very much.