Friday, January 2, 2009


Getting close to the end of my little cushion of backlog. Made this one a week or so ago. Been listening to it personally since. I really enjoy it... although there's some weird transitions in it. Sometimes they work to my ears... sometimes not. That said, it's a bit more adventurous... which is always a good thing.

Happy 2009 to everyone. I'll continue to do this, as it keeps me sane(ish).

Horn Swaggled

Eugen Thomas - Undergroovin
Sixto Rodriguez - Sugar Man
Onra - Porn (Slowed)
Parental Advisory - Like We Do (Slowed)
Steven Bishop - On and On (Slowed)
Pierce - Miss Your Tape (Phantom's Revenge Mix)
Brigitte Fontaine - Patriarcat
Psychoward - PWMF Pt 1 (Slowed)
Jackie Mittoo - Ayatollah
Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
Tom Waits - A Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Gun

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