Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Whatever happened to Fonejacker.... I miss that shit. Anyways, we got a new computer - and I've been trying to get it set up. I'm still bouncing from this old brick to the new one - so I missed a few days of posting. There's still plenty to share. Fear not. I also got the new Harvest Moon for Wii... and that's bound to eat up a grip of my time.

Here's a spiritual mix I made Xmas morning. A few Jesus songs... and the best Broadcast song ever.

morning prayer meeting


Kiiiii - Dom Dom Mix
Dymaxion - I-Man Transport
Sister Janet Mead - The Lord's Prayer (slowed)
Welcome Wagon - Jesus (slowed)
Sixto Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind
Doormouse - Shotgun Willie
Broadcast - Corporeal
We are Enfant Terrible - Eagles Don't Sparkle
Dog Faced Hermans - Off Duty Trip
Secret Mommy - The Experience
Salem - Sweat
MC Shan - Penial Reunion (Slowed)
Mungos Hi Fi - Dubplate fi Dem (Slowed)
Folk Och Rackara - Staffan Och Herodes

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