Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've got quite a few stitches (50 or so.) 20 on the graft and about thirty on the suicide scar (the doc took a 1X3 inch rectangle of skin off my inner wrist for grafting.) Blogging is proving painful and mixing next to impossible - but I'ma try in short bursts.

This mix was done Monday. I like the selection. It's a bit choppy in places - not as seamless as most... but it's the music I wanted to lump together. Push it real good!


Frank Ricotti - Dank
6-2 - Let's Get High
Alan Shearer - Tom Brouse
00i00 - Umo
Bianc Didonc - 4 Cheveux dans le Vent
Monsiuer Minmal - Relaxation
Max Tundra - Orphaned
J Davey - Rock the Dancehall (slowed)
Gala Drop - Ital
Willie Isz - In the Red (slowed)
Illa J - Swagger (slowed)
Roger Roger - Roger Rhythm 2

NOTE: THE Willie Isz track has a noise (sounds like a mic being dropped or something) but it's in the original file. Song is so good - I'm keeping it in.

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