Monday, December 15, 2008


DJ Screw blessed me in spirit for this one. 74 minutes of classic swamp funk from the golden era of Louisiana rap. Slowed and throwed with a minimal of mixing, but oh so much attention to itch and mood.

Quite honestly, this is probably the best slowed mix I've made - it sounds so true to the original spirit of the immortal Gray Tape. No tricks in 96... no hate in Zero-8. Hope some of you enjoy as much as I do... and even more, I hope some people realize the variety and skill in what most write off as "bullshit gangsta rap." For real, this stuff is truer to the spirit of NY circa 1978 than any nonsense backpacker crap. Just listen to Bustdown's nasty rhymes... a true throwback to old school Busy Bee and Just Ice.


Big Ballin With Redrum - Dolamite
Trapped in the Storm - Sircle of Sin
Last But Not Least - CMN
So Cold -Johnny Bo
Mr. Ivan - My Ruger
Represent - Juvenile Committee
Track 8 (Voodoo Gangsta Funk) - Lokee
Dead on It - Throwed Uff
Trick Daddy - Bustdown
Look at Yourself - Mr. Ivan f/ Mannie Fresh
Bullet Proof Vest - CMN
Hustlaz - Fila Phil

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