Monday, December 1, 2008


Tired and throbbing. Bored shitless. I must have a strong Catholic Work Ethic, because I wish I could be slaving to make another family rich right now. Bucky Fuller would be so disappointed. In the mean time, to break up the silence and surreal situation of reality... I'll keep stringing songs together like popcorn on a string.

Lola Nova

Beaver & Krause - Fountains of the Dept. of Water and Power
Elsaine - Hybrid
The Mighty Underdogs - Victorius (Slowed)
Damu the Fudgemonk - Yes We Can
Elliot Lipp - The Area (Slowed)
San Quinn - From a Boy to a Man (Slowed)
Skablins - The Tornado
Smiff n Wessun - Sound Bwoy Buriel (Slowed)
Chris Daily - America
Sofus Forsberg - No Beat
Tennishero - Midnight Love (Slowed)
Bullion - Don't Talk (Slowed)

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