Thursday, December 4, 2008


Nope... I didn't decide a 9 1/2 fingered existence wasn't worth living... the skin formerly known as my wrist now resides on what's left of my right thumb. Healing. Sore. Tired and pill numb. Jumping ferrets... lazy cats and a beautiful girlfriend make me smile through it nonetheless.

Here's a mix.

Itchy Stitches

Dresden Dolls - Dear Jenny
Sally Shapiro - Find My Soul (Slowed)
ReUp Gang - Addiction (Slowed)
Electrelane - Saturday
James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Rod Thomas Mix)
My Little Airport - The OK Thing to Do
Khonner - An Ode to Gary Giggles
Le Dust Sucker - John Wayne
Fed Ex/Husalah - Mobsta Life (Slowed)
Dans le Sac/Scroobius - Development (Slowed)
Clever Jeff - Catch Rek (Slowed)

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