Monday, October 20, 2008


Is art fueled on misery? Most good art is made during times of economic and political strife. It's quit simple, when things are good, music sucks! Right now we are at an interesting time, because artists who truly wish to express themselves have been completely alienated by the mainstream media. Sloppy beats and bad vocoders have replaced the old time microphone, and T-Pain and Rhianna are the Perry Como and Rosemary Cloony of their times. Pointless safe music. Already converted into elevator status.

It is rare for a good song to make it to the radio and that's just the way we like it. The freedom to create music and put it out as you desire is long gone as far as major labels are concerned. If you sign to a major you're music is already sold to a car ad before it's recorded, so it better be safe. Let's celebrate the fact that weird music still exists, and oddballs with instruments and samplers are now free to record at home. Computers have levelled the playing field... and "garage" bands can now make music with decent production values. No more 4 track cassettes and badly pressed vinyl.

Good music is my nectar. And I like to drink.

This is my last post before my internet connection goes bye-bye. I'm already shopping for a new one... but this blog will be pretty slow (if not dead) for at least a week.

Mango Juices

Fasten Your Garters - Tim Love Lee and Roger Roger
The Way Things Do - Octopus Project
Not Awake - Call Me Kat
Transformer 1 (Slowed) - Marnie Smith
Numb Tooth - El Ten Eleven
Amidiral - Sainkho Naimchlak
Tiny Face - Tipper
Smoke Dope and Rap - Dre Dog
Jungle Escape (Daedalus Remix) - Alfred Weisberg
I Think I Love You (Slowed) - The Partridge Family
Classical Records - Department of Eagles
Spike - Wood Family Creeps
Cuddle Fuddle - Passion Pit

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