Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't Try to Wake Me Up in the Morning (Til' Tuesday)

This is the international edition. Didn't plan it that way. Anyway, sweet little lithium ditties from around the globe. Happy on the outside, but dark and troubled at their very core. I wonder why they appeal so much to me.

A few level problems (as always) and i don't feel 100 about the transition from "A Baby" to "New Birth" - I was going for a quick mix... and it's smooth - but it's jerky. Not fixing it... I like the little flaws... like the fucked up paint bucket disaster in the photo above. Anyway... I really like this selection, so I assume it will grow on me.

My internet isn't off yet... so I'm slipping this past the censors... I'll be back online next Tuesday... when Verizon turns me on. Lot's of music to sift through.. so I'll enjoy the break.

prozac sandwich


throw me the statue - your girlfriends car
the dragons - are you there
juana molina - los dejamos
humming urban stereo - dark circle
people under the stairs - a baby (slowed)
cubismo grafico - new birth
the tokens - if i were a carpenter
soko - i'll kill her
piana - ancient note
the mess is mine - no fog
plus-tech squeeze box - (f)ake
sarolta zalatny - adj egy percet
juana molina - los hongos de marosa
sibiria - kastalskolan 9e
ymck - your quest is over

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