Thursday, October 2, 2008


Squeaky and Bobby on the original cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors"

Charlie was right, can I get an AMEN! It's about time they pardoned him, let him out of Corcoran and let him run for President. He warned us... we just all failed to listen. If he was wearing an expensive suit, with a $4000 Just For Men dyed cut he'd be giving these two slobs a run for their money in 2008. I'm not joking.

Look past the stigma and the wild eyes and you have a man who preached the gospel in the late 60's. He hated America's greed and had a simple solution. Drop out. Live free, fuck and eat from the garbage cans of the rich. They waste enough to feed every hungry soul on God's Used-to-Be-Green Earth. No one was listening, and a few of his followers chose to murder some rich piggies... settle some debts and make a statement. I hardly see the harm in that.

Instead... we, as a culture, vilify Charlie and instead make heroes out of rich socialites, cancerous cyclists and silly young boys who swim fast. No wonder He hated us.

Anyway... here's a few songs that probably weren't on any 8 Tracks at the Spahn Ranch... most are from the 70's... but their spirit reminds me of the Family and their spirit.

I'm going now, to carve an X on my forehead in solidarity.

Family Favorites

The 5th Dimension - The Winds of Heaven
Cat Stevens - Matthew and Son (Slowed)
Charles Manson - Cease to Exist
Melba Moore - Easy to Be Hard
The Doors - Wishful Sinful
Killdozer - I Am I Said
Wes Montgomery/Charles Manson - California Dreaming (Charlie Style)
Smokey Robinson - The Tracks of My Tears (Slowed)
The Ramones - Danny Says
David Axelrod/Charles Manson - Our Father/Our King (Our Family)
De La Soul - I Am I Be (Slowed)
Blood Sweat & Tears - You Made Me So Very Happy
The Beatles - Piggies
The Doors - Do It
CSNY - Teach Your Children (Slowed)

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