Thursday, October 23, 2008


I discovered music in my basement. Wood panelling seventies. It came out of a wood cabinet stereo, that looked like an end table, until you opened it to reveal the turntable. Most of the time, my mother listened to WNBC. The light sounds of rock. My father's records were a different story. From Folkways to reggae to mildly psychedelic pop - my father flipped through tracks with the fervor of a gabber dj on too much crystal.

Something about that panelling and that cabinet of sounds. Something set a silly fire in my body I later discovered WLIR while playing Colecovision. This was back when it was a rock station. Sundays belonged to Vin Scelsia, who played exactly what he felt. The Velvets, Dolls and Ramones share his playlist with obscure folk and psychedelia.

I've heard there is a revival. I even jacked a track from a private press that Andy Votel rereleased. I don't know? This music is a worn fuzzy sweater to me. Earmuffs for my mind.

White China Weekend

UFO - Unidentified Flying Object
Susan Christie - Yesterday, Where's My Mind
Paul Giovanni - Willow's Song
Interprete Desconcido - Janie's Tomb
Kimya Dawson - You Love Me
Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Azailea and Rhodedendrum
Bobby and I - Everyone's Gone to the Moon
Ismail Lo - Tajabone
Serge Gainsbourg - Je Taime Moi Non Plus (Eiffel 65 Mix)
Glissandro 70 - Portugal Rua Rua
The New Tweedy Bros - I Can See It
Hugo Montenegro - Dizzy (Slowed)
First Edition - I Was the Loser
Justine - Clocks (Hey I Used to Know You)
JK and Co. - Little Children
Stone Harbour - Dying to Love You
David Peel - We Love You

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