Friday, October 3, 2008


Leftover puzzle pieces. Where do they come from? Where should they go? This is is made up of the first lump of shit sitting in folders and subfolders from my previous month's worth of mixes. There will be familiar names and styles, as I tried to fit uncompromising pieces together in the previous jigsaws.

I foresaw this experiment early on. I even looked forward to it. Subconsciously, I assume I may have picked songs that didn't fit, so they'd accumulate here. Thereby forcing the hand of chance as they came together so nicely. It works. The segue between Cat Steven's eerie erection song and Zappa's protest piece is perhaps the greatest segue I've ever accomplished. I almost regret using Manson's original "Cease to Exist" and not the beautiful Beach Boys cover in my last mix. Same goes for the original version of 'Olio' per the FOUND DEAD mix.

I wanted to hear the long krautrock at the beginning, but didn't think they should take up 20 minutes of mix time. They still shouldn't, and this mix kind of re-begins at "Porky Scratchings." i tried to anchor it with some more kraut at the end. If it bores you - fast forward to 25 minutes.

Got some of this great music here:

I'm enjoying these mixes... hope somebody else out there is too.

Detritus Uno

David Axelrod - A Divine Image
Nearby Shiras/The Spaceman - Kalacara/Charles Manson
Beach Boys - Never Learn Not to Love
Neu! - Hallo Gallo
Splodgenessabounds - Porky Scratchings
Isaac Hayes - Tough Guys Title Theme
Cat Stevens - Mona Bone Jackon
Mothers of Invention - Hungry Freaks Daddy
13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
Dusty Springfield - All Cried Out
Charles Manson - Garbage Dump
Eno - Another Green World
The Books - Be Good to Them Always
Get This Power - Jane
The Rapture - Olio
The Guess Who - Laughing
The Partridge Family - I Woke Up In Love This Morning
Udo Lindenberg - Paradise Lost
David Axelrod - Fantasy for Ralph
Isaac Hayes - End Theme Tough Guys

R.I.P. ISAAC HAYES... you will never be The Chef to some of us!


Beezer B said...

Yo, you didn't give these mp3s id tags so the question I have is, what is the correct artist name?


I got to have the right tags brohamster.

nattymari said...

just go with DAF... I'll start tagging them... COOL EDIT tags the title but not the artist... I can open it up in CDeX and retag from now on.

Beezer B said...

Thats what I was guessing. I'm almost as nerdy with my iTunes as I am with my records. Almost.

Beezer B said...

You now what actually, I don't think I can tag you as DAF because then on it says I've been listening to


nattymari said...

Gabi Delgado and Robert Gorl... good semi-mainstream minimal synth group from the 80's... think Caberet Voltaire. I was going to mention them...

How about just DAF'S UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, as these mixes are a series of them.

I don't think I'm the Lemony Snickett type... although I'm all about copyright infringment.

Beezer B said...


mattmatical said...

This was interesting. Some smooth transitions, some rather abrupt ones. In terms of mixing and selection I felt best accomodated by the first four selections.