Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Looking down Western Avenue on a clear day is like seeing into infinity. The street spans from the Hollywood Hills all the way to the South Bay. The drive down, a cross section of Los Angeles.

The glitz of the Hills quickly turns seedy as you approach Hollywood Boulevard, with it's porn shops, liquor stores and Art-Deco era flophouses. Spanish guitars and the working class fill out it's midsection... as you cruise from Koreatown into South of Pico. The streets are filled with life, color and hand painted signs for Tire Shops.

This mix is a drive down that street at sunset, with a head full of cough syrup, in a car that barely fits on the street. You've got to drive slow - to see the scenery between ubiquitous palm trees. Like L.A., this mix is laid back, funky and more than a little dirty.

I miss my city!


Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra - Some Velvet Morning
Brasil 66 - Scarborough Fair
Devin the Dude - Highway
Parliament - I Call My Baby Pussycat
Eighties Ladies - Turned On to You
Bobby Womack - Inherit the Wind
Ed Bogas - Angie's Theme
Celly Cell - Can't Tell Me Shit
People Suck
Love Unlimited - Midnight Groove
Ed Bogas - Winston
Too Short - The Ghetto

1 comment:

Jay Sidhu said...

Checked it out yesterday. The playlist is dope man! I liked the Lee
Hazlewood joint at the start. I think you should do some slowed
versions of just his songs. All the songs fit good though, I didn't
skip through any of it. I'm gonna check it out in my truck's system
tonight should sound good.