Monday, January 5, 2009


I got a message and friend request from a stranger yesterday. He likes some of my old (published) writing. Damn that made me feel good. Almost better would be a comment or two around here... hint hint. Honestly, I don't mind talking to myself... I do it all the time. My blog counter seems jacked the fuck up... so I don't even know if anyone cares.

Therefore... a nice little radio style mix. This one carelessly jumps genres... focusing only on a little mix of music I've been enjoying. The last few crop of mixes were too 'mixtapey' for me possibly. Who knows... as this is quasi-random spooge anyway.

That said: Luga ->Animal Collective ->BFF is a pretty sweet butt blend.

Aren't I supposed to be ranting about how last year sucked??? Don't even know if I will. I lost a lot of innocence and a degree of security and trust I may never gain back... but a year's a year. I'm farming on Wii, listening to music, eating sushi and my thumb works alright. Don't really feel like complaining.


Tujiko Noriko - Gift (Damian Shingleton Mix)
? - Love(Slowed)
Mainly Spaniards - That's What Friends Are For
Serge Gainsbourg - Cargo Culte
Sniper Unit - Break Your Neck (Slowed)
Living - Luga
Animal Collective - My Girls
BFF - Together Forever
Listen - Jesus Love
Shady Nate and Jay Jonah - Piles Em In (Slowed)
Pioneers - The Ghetto

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