Saturday, January 24, 2009


Another early night before another early morning. me love dub. Me love dub.

This mix starts on some slowed voodoo funk and ends somewhere on the streets of Houston. In the middle I revisit my childhood and make some new friends in the process.

Suck Her Back In

Jeb Loy Nichols - Dr. Noblio (Slowed)
Popnoname - Nightliner 1
Secret Mommy - Music Room
Friend John - Multicolor Dub
The Whip - Sister Sam (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Mix)
The Starlets - Maggie Loves Hopey
Steve Forbet - Say Goodbye to Little Jo (Slowed)
The Outsiders - You Remind Me
Lullatone - The Bathtime Beat
Worldwide Riders - Laws of Life (Slowed)

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