Thursday, January 29, 2009


The third installment in my Sufferation series. This one adds the element of my (musical) lust for Ron Hardy. After a mournful ly uplifting Scratch Perry track and some light AM G Funk, I try my hand at a rough and nasty Hardy style edit of the Pointer Sisters. Three oddly placed Xacto cuts later... and the vocal core of the song comes in briefly... only to be obliterated by a wash of dub and feedback.

There's no turning back.

No slackness... strictly dread.

Step Into the A.M.

Kiddus I - Crying Wolf-Nyahbingi Take
The Jacka and 12 Gauge Shotie - Sunshine
Pointer Sisters - How Long (Nattymari's Music Box Re-Edit)
Arab on Radar - My Mind is a Muffler
2 One One - Real Muthafuckas
Cellski f/ C- Bo - Murder on My Mind
Boz Skaggs - Lowdown (Slowed)
Pluxus - Business
Morwell Unlimited Meets King Tubby - Morwell's Star
Isley Brothers - Machine Gun
Paul Masse - Time N' Cherry Wine

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