Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm 38 today. I'm older than hip-hop... about as old as dub. To celebrate... well work, and another mix for you to do it in your earhole. I'm lame and have to work early tomorrow too... so take a big crack hit for me, if you can.


BTW: I really love this Whitest Boy Alive shit. Erland Oye manages to almost channel Arthur Russell... whom I miss almost daily.


Tujiko Noriko - Wasunerai Hikari
Riow Arai - Over Circle
Plaid - Non Hoi
Brael and Tokyo Bloodworm - Magic Wand
Coconut Records - The Summer
Atlas Sound - River Card
Faust - It's a Bit of a Pain
Nickel Eye - Back From Exile
Gainsborough Gallery - If She Don't Turn Your Head
Vashti Bunyan - The Coldest Night of the Year
Leander - Four Days
The Whitest Boy Alive - Courage

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