Friday, January 16, 2009


I did a little remix project for my new m8 Taklamakan from Croatia. I took elements of his work entitled "Lighthouse," which is almost chamber music. The original is here:

The results are interesting. Fledgling. Worth a listen? Basically a little bit of tone poetry with some RZA dub and a nice little Kid 606ey tweakage of Frank Mill's "Music Box Dancer." I hear elements of Eno, Cage and a whole lot of Akira Yamaoka (the guy that did the SILENT HILL soundtracks.)

Overall I'm pleased to just be creating some noise again.

Lighthouse Variations (taklamakan vs. nattymari)

Twilight Beacon
Darkness Into Light I
Darkness Into Light II
Light Into Darkness I
Light Into Darkness II
Lighthouse Dub
Light After Sunset

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