Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Easy selector! This one is pretty dubby... albeit not strictly a dub mix. I'm freaking hooked on the slowed Baile track that starts it off... and pretty much committed to further freaking with that Paul Simon beat.

Had a nice day with family yesterday and a verbal war with the fiance. Not looking forward to six more days of slavery... but my little cyber lives help ease the tension. Blogging... two consecutive games of harvest moon and my own household ranching chores keep a restless mind busy.

Life in paradise isn't always pretty.

mercy beach


Jean Al Nippon and Orgasmic - Alice (Slowed)
Riley All Stars - Staga Dub
Lucy Mercier Descloux - Aya Mood
Mr. Partridge - Madhattan
Lullatone - The Bedtime Beatbox
Tape - Beams
Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave your Lover (Slowed and Archived)
This is Deer Country - Jackie
Sunken Foal - Without Any Thought
Soguymo Acacia Band - Hangul Alphabets
Eagle and Talon - Tight Score
Max Cooper - Harmonisch Serie (Slowed)
Tight Wayz - Tempers Flair (Slowed)

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