Saturday, January 3, 2009


My big graft scab is falling off. To celebrate... part two of my Louisiana series. Some dirty slowed swamp hop for your ass!

Some tracks sound fucked, because only tape rips exist. DEAL!

'Bout It the Devil

Welcome to the NO -Gank D
Ike Them Hoes - Pimp Dogg
LYrical Joyride - Black Mophia Clan
Early in the Morning - T Mann
Clocking G's - Dirt Red
Shake Fa Ya Hood - Ricky B
Gangsta 2 Da End - EWV
Slanging Ain't No Thang - Ruthless Juveniles
Bring da Business - Freedom
A Motha Fuckin Hustlah - Pimp Dogg
Do You Really Wanna - Prime Time
NOLA - Legend Man
Bootin Up - Da Shara

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