Friday, November 7, 2008


This one was fun! John sent me his podcast list (in comments below.) I liked a lot of the tracks... so I jacked them, added my own and made this little mixto. It came out pretty good. Why I went into early 90's ambient mode - anybody knows. Maybe because that new Air France is so fucking good. Really does remind me of old FSOL and the golden era of Ibiza!

Some fast, some slow... and I think it comes off sounding a tad happier than most of my mixes. Almost hopeful. Don't worry - that's just because I didn't choose the songs. My next mix is sure to be windows rolled up, with a hose in the exhaust!

sort of like john's blues

model 500 - starlight (echospace dub)

air france - no way down

baby bash and goldtoes - thick and juicy (slowed)

kid spatula - epic blusta

minor threat - betray

the cool kids - what it is

air france - collapsing at your doorstep (slowed)

fugees - ready or not (slowed)

ten years after - I'd love to change the world

aguaturbia - erotica

spacetime continuum - floatilla

jason fox - aunt jackie (slowed)

the manges - another day (slowed)

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