Monday, November 17, 2008


Another bit of id for the masses. This is the proverbial assortment of beer left in the fridge the day after the big party. Drink the good stuff first... because you'll be left swilling pumpkin ale before the day's over. Invite your friends over; only if you want to be stuck with the Coors' Light, while they're drinking all the Stella.

I like this little mix. I especially like that Chrissy song... which makes me smile - because it sounds like a love song to his Braun ("Coffee Maker"... get it?!?!) I like "Slow Down" slowed up. I like a long digidub passage followed by the Stax meets Scratch goodness of "Skank indego."

I absolutely love that Diplo slowed the classic Awesome Three anthem to turn early jungle back into hip hop... slow it even more and it's simply bliss.

Obviously I'm still in quite a good mood - because there're less dark ramblings and more talk of music - a constant source of happy in my meaningless little life.

detritus four
(it's ID3 tagged... I'm trying to remember.)

women - black rice
chrissy - coffin maker
dead combo - cuba 1970
terry lynn - system (slowed)
brand nubian - slow down (slowed)
perth county conspiracy - don't you feel fine
beauty school dropout - motherfucking pop
paper route gangstaz f/ wale - don't go (diplo remix) (slowed)
twista and the speedknot mobsters - gangstaz and hustlaz (slowed)
seefeel - charlotte's mouth (slowed)
sylvan morris - skank indego

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