Friday, November 14, 2008


This is true neuro tarot, It came too easy and comes off far too exquisite. Many songs I hate in their original state... but a simple Screw down renders them gems of mood, melancholy and ambiance. Perfect for quiet morning walks and nights alone.

My pipes spit black water and my walls are scratched by cats.

another slowed up mix

the rubies- room without a key
grace jones - I'm crying (mother's tears)
traxster/johnny p - move on
fever ray - if I had a heart (inst.)
les reines prochaines - opfer dieses liedes
bluesky blackdeath - the darkest time
m83 - too late
the streets - the strongest person I know
the twilight sad - I was hoping the winter was over
deerhunter - little kids
the knife - a different way
frog invasion - warm up
88 keys - another victim

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