Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Congratulations Amreikkka. Everyone (save the dirty racist south and northern cowboy country) made the right choice. A non-voting anarchist thanks you.
Now for the real vote:
What mix do you like the best?
Anyone listening?
I would like some feedback.


John said...

I found your spot, good thing because I am running out of ideas for downloads to the Iphone. Here are my songs for tonight. I never will be able to keep up with you, but you got me started on this shit!
Alternative Ulster- Stiff Little Fingers
Aunt Jackie- Jason Fox
Betray-Minor Threat
What it is- Cool Kids
Ventilator Blues- Stones
Social Life- Teenage Bottlerocket
She's Nubs- NOFX
Ruby Soho- Rancid
Sound & Vision- Bowie
Another Day- The Manges
My Adidas- Run DMC
Give me some tips.

nattymari said...

first tip is mix it all together on cool edit or ableton or something and let me hear it. don't know the jason for or manges track. love to hear how Betray blends into Cool Kids, though.

really... I just go for it. I sometimes have a plan.. but often I just plug in a few tracks, which will remind me of others - so I quickly d/l them using Soulseek (easier than rummaging through 5000+ cds) and start working them.

I usually then pay attention to the transitions... since I'm notat all good beatmatching using software - I pussy out and try to find tracks that end/start beatless and jigsaw them that way. Cool Edit has a nice "Smooth Fade" command that can be tweaked to ease the awkwardness of some of the tougher blends. When in doubt, I go radio style and jst wait for the song to end... no harm in that if the tracks are good.

I DJ'ed extensively (on turntables) in the 90's and find that as long as your track selection is good... most audiences will quickly forgive and forget minor mixing issues.

BTW - if you don't mix and post this list - I'm jacking you, fool! Don't worry - I'll call it JOHN'S LIST.