Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"ZZZZZ ZZZ ZZZZZZZ" Perhaps the greatest hip hop lyric ever. This one's got me contemplating things I can't express in words. My movement in life. My progression in nothing. The fits of melancholy, only kept interesting by small manic episodes.
My life of madness, tempered by periods of sanity, so short; they would make Poe's corpse quiver.

Really?!?! Probably not. All I really know is that Brian Wilson and Jason Forrest are a genius... and that Guy Blackman song rocks quietly. Add 11 minutes of faux afrobeat fusion, Waitsian carnival sounds... a little slowed DOOM and you gots a mix.


goddamn electric bill - crossfire
beach boys - surf's up (slowed)
guy blackman - black eyes
man man - the ballad of butter beans
jason forrest - dark new ages
minotaur shock - jason forrest
mf doom/sean price - the unexpected (slowed)
the ARE - sucka who (slowed)
elli - never mind
badun - nr. 44
albino - deconstruction of the transitional movement

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