Saturday, November 8, 2008


DIV SHARE is down or some shit... so I'm currently looking for a better solution. I want to keep embedding the mp3s in the page... but am having trouble finding a good hosting site. Any suggestions?

So I'll share this, instead of a mix. It's my slowed up remix of the classic INI lp "Center of Attention." Classic Pete Rock, with Rob O and Grap Luva handing the vocals. Screw didn't shy away from East Coast rap - but he didn't every Screw this one up.

I'm kind of keen on slowing up classic east coast shit right now. Maybe some Black Moon next.

New mix tomorrow, if I can figure this shit out. 1st zShare, now Div/share... what's an audio blogger to do?!?!


01. Intro
02. No More Words
03. Step Up
04. Think Twice
05. Square One
06. The Life I Live
07. Kross Roads
08. To Each His Own (Feat. Q-Tip & Large Professor)
09. Fakin' Jax
10. What You Say
11. Props
12. Center of Attention
13. Grown Man Sport
14. Mind Over Matter
15. Don't You Love It
16. Microphonist Wanderlust

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