Thursday, November 20, 2008


If a film director can be judged by his soundtracks, then David Lynch is the master. To be quite honest, his films are not my favorites. I respect his gangster, and always check him out. I like his cinematography, mood and imagery... but something always falls flat for me.

His soundtracks, however, are a completely different story. Sprawling symphonies of Americana... the Sam Shepard of the OST. His main composer, Angelo Baldalamenti crafts orchestral and guitar pieces that blend perfectly with Lynch's nostalgic choice of jazz, blues and old time rawk n rowl.

Here's a long ass mix that pays tribute to over 25 years of film. Epic, beautiful and very very American.


.... this doesn't seem to stream. It was recorded at 320 kbps. Unfortunately, I deleted the Session file after I was satisfied... so I can't reencde at a lower bitrate without mass loss. You can try to stream or just download/click open whatever... Sorry, won't happen again.

The Lynch Mob: Music from the Soundtracks of David Lynch

blue velvet theme
nine inch nails - perfect drug (daf's slow edit)
nina simone - sinnerman
rubber city - dark spanish symphony
chris isaak - blue spanish sky (slowed)
roy orbison - in dreams
twin peaks - night bells
the elephant man - freak show
marilyn manson - apple of sodom (slowed)
lost highway - dub driving
bauhaus - lady in the radiator
linda scott - i've told every little star
inland empire - ghost of love (slowed and archived)
mulholland drive - jitterbug
koko taylor - up in flames (slowed)
twin peaks theme
twin peaks - love theme fairwell
angela bedala - blue velvet
nicholas cage - love me tender (slowed)
julee cruise - mysteries of love (slowed)

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