Tuesday, November 18, 2008


More fan service. This mix takes a couple of tracks off my mate Beezer's blog (http://www.worldofproper.com/16334578/), adds some tracks I know he likes, and simmers the stew down to a groovy gumbo. Some daft punkishness in this one... as it begins and ends with some strange Maurice Sednak play that Mr. B double E-E Z (an intentional hip-hop faux pas.. me knows that BEEEEZ) found in his quest for eclectic crates.

The mix is mostly slowed... because you can find the originals on his blog. Visit... SISSIES!



really rosie - intro
group home -supa star
zero 7 - somersault (dangermouse remix)
jerry fielding - the uplifted veil of a downhearted frail
the elephant - do what you love
reggie griffin - mirda rock
tv on the radio - staring at the sun
ultramagnetic mc's - poppa large (east coast mix)
gabrielle - going nowhere (portishead rerub)
the young men - get the message
really rosie - alligators all around


Beezer B said...

This is way touching. I'm gonna consider the first mix anyone has done me personally for upwards of ten years.
This is getting listened to right now at high volume.

You know I don't actually own any copies of BEEZER magazine. Strange.

I'm proper chuffed now. Bring it on.

Beezer B said...

The intro to Supa Star is like woah on slow. It sounds like his cuts are H-town chops. In fact Primo really benefits from slowing I think. Especially the cuts.

Does he says "chicks grabbing their cunts"? He does. I never got that on regular speed. Revelatory.

More later...

Beezer B said...

Staring at the Sun slowed????

This is birthdaymaterial.

Beezer B said...

You think one day we'll have iPods with a SCREW button on them?

I've really enjoyed this. Just finishing up. It's what happens between those hihats innit? Loveitmayne.

Making me want to do some kind of mix thing. It just might be the thing to get me musicing some.

nattymari said...

a few comments on the notes.

a) I too just discovered that Dap says "Chicks grsbbing their cunts." Pretty funny what pitching down does... like how one of the kids in that Sednak play gets completely incomprehensible. Does HE say something about "dropping the soap"??? It's a bizarre play - so I don't doubt it.

b) Slowed material is always about the hi hats. That's what I like about dropping slowed material in with regular - it totally enhances what I love about slowed music. Jazz works well at reg speed next to slowed material because of all the trap work.

c) Yeah that TVOTR begged to be slowed... pretty much anything with that deep a Brian Wilson ifluence is a perfect candidate.

c) I'd love a pitch control on my ipod. Would save me a lot of trouble. I do like what certain djs do with chopping... but it isn't all that necessary for me. I like my self-slowed version of "CRACK" far better than the Watts version.

d) Glad you liked the mix. You always have interesting stuff on your blog... thought I'd utilize it.