Saturday, February 21, 2009


An end to the series. My musical puzzles are getting a bit more complex. This mix took a lot of rework to get to where it is now. Upon a listen I'm proud of it. Maybe a little too radio droppy towards the end, but it begins nicely and closes just as well. The best mixes always master this... as a great beginning and end can often pardon any offenses made in the middle.

What next? I'm assuming a two to four part DETRITUS series to purge my musical banks of all the crap I used in the Sufferation and Wonka mixes... a good way to clear my palate. Like a fresh piece of pickled ginger between two elegant pieces on nigiri.

How freaking gay is that?!?! Did I mention that I love my cats


Paul Horn - Quarup
Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (Slowed)
Inquiet - Fresh Flesh
Leapy Lee - Little Arrow
Burbuja - shhhh
Goodie Mob - Hold On (Slowed)
Sleeps in Oysters - My Heart, A Hive for Bees
Young Marble Giants - Choci Loni
Roberta Flack - Feel Like Making Love (Slowed)
Mulatu - Asmarina
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
Death in June - Giddy Giddy Carousel

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