Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So Levan, Tubby and Screw. The trinity that is the genesis of this series. Just about every mix has been directly inspired by all three. Their dedication to exploring sonic space in it's rawest form. Their ability to make crappy mixes sound sublime and sublime mixes sound like them. The ability to marry poppy radio tracks and deep underground flaver with the twist of a delay knob.

I guess somewhere in the mix is Brian Wilson , Joe Meek or someone... but I'm not going to get all Animal Collective fan boy up in this bitch... but I guess my own little ununique addition is the inclusion of 60's psych and the modern primitives who love it.

There is so much Tubby to choose from, but I'm super hooked on his DJ work at the moment. Although reggae was playing in my house since before I could walk... my personal introduction to dub was BLACK MARKET CLASH... and for some reason I was (am) always more obsessed with Tubby over Scratch. I just love what he and his devotees do with echo and drop outs. And yes - I am adding even more delay to most of the tracks.

The end of this mix is dedicated to Levan... solely by dropping the Man Friday demo in it's coked out tin can ear glory. Before the internet and house bootlegs... this was a coveted 3rd/4th generation cassette. A holy grail among those of us (just a little) too young to have danced at the Paradise.

Like to Be Dread

Tea and Symphony - Winter
Sly and Robbie - Here Comes the Rain
Cottonmouth - Kottonmouth (Slowed)
King Tubby - Ghetto Dub
Komiko - Feel Alright
Jimmy Spicer - The Bubble Bunch
Blonde Redhead and Devestations - When the Road Runs Out
Chris Britton - Run and Hide
Dillinger - Regular Girl
Man Friday - Winners (Larry Levan Demo Tape)

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