Thursday, February 12, 2009


Another fat mix. This one definitely sounds at least a little different... thanks in part to the older funk and dancehall. i really tried to sneak in a Zola Jesus track... but it sounded so shitty I too it out. Sorry, it's beautiful music, but that Lo-Fi crap is ruining some pretty good songs. I hope the hipsters and kiddies think it's way cool and groovy... because none of this music will last... and it's a pity. Another Gyratory System track, cuz dudes know how to use sound to blow minds... take some notice all you C-60 crap recording fashionistas! Tricky worked with lo fi cracked sample and Sir Lord Comic WAS lo fi... and none of it sounds as bad as your shit.


Gyratory System - Splurge-Gun
Bibio - Weekend Wildfire
Amin Peck - Coda
America - Sister Golden Hair (Chilled)
Timothy McNealy - Sagittarius Black
Sir Lord Comic - Jack of My Trade
E.stonji - In My Hand
Tricky Vs. The Gravediggaz- Tonight Is a Special Night
The Doors - My Wild Love
Colin Hare - New Day
Fat Killahz - The Fat Songs (Slowed)
The Wonkamobile

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Shilzzz said...

i've spent the last two hours writing an epic college narrative while listening to your mixes. what a great site you have. thanks for commenting on mine and leading me here. you made my night. great eclectic taste... yeah. constantly surprising mixes that always left me smiling. thanks!