Monday, February 23, 2009


It's amazing how beautiful music is often made from sadness. Yes... I am a New Romantic at heart. An ironic one, at that. What started out a funky little psych excursion was sabotaged and enhanced by the Soft Cell song of my life.

My sadness equals your enjoyment. And mine in happier times.

And yes... there are a great deal of "blank" & "blank" duos in this one. Why?!?! Dunno.

g3t 0ff funk $hun

The Clash - Car Jamming (Nattymari's Car Clash Dummy Edit)
The Lines - Respit
LSD March - Bisyonure No Kimi
Jessica Rabbit - Girl (Slowed)
Greg Davis and Sebastien Roux - Good Decision
Sebastien Tellier - Lamour et Le Violence
Quiet Village - Can't Be Beat (Slurred and Blurred by Nattymari)
Purpleman - Trod Along
Amadou & Mariam - DJama
Giddle & Boyd - Contact
Francis & the Lights - Can't Tell Me Nothing

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