Sunday, February 22, 2009


Another batch of leftovers... and once again, what might be a favorite mix of mine. The same thing that causes me to disregard these tracks at first also compels me to work with them. Somehow I think they sit in their virtual folder and marinate together... so when the time is right they've aged and matured into something so delicate and sweet.

I'm over-reacting... but honestly... this is the part of the process I seem to enjoy most. That Joy Formidable track is so damn nice... like an early Pixies track but possibly better. Also in this mix is a live mix from Levan... it just don't get much better!


Mint Julep - Drawing Lines
The Joy Formidable - Austere
Small Faces - Rene
Oral Constitution - En Hymne
Upsetters - Soul Fire
Homelife - Windytreehouserollerdisco
Bubonic Plague - Debbie
Drake - November 18th
Arnaud Rebonti - The Swamp Valse
DJ H + Stefy - Hey Boy (Larry Levan Live Mix)
Dan Lacksman Association - La Bamba

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