Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to the Terrordome

My name is DAF. I'm starting this today in order to share my ideas and ideals. A lot of music and maybe some ramblings about movies, books, art and my life. This is not a leech site... all music posted will be in mix form. I look forward to comments and possibly attracting a few freaks.

A little history. I'm 37 and have been a media junkie since I was about 5... so there's a lot of knowledge in this old head of mine. I hate ranking things... but music will always be my main love. I don't care what genre it is... if it's good, it's good. What to expect: new romantic, minimal synth, disco, dub and hip-hop... skronky nerdy ramblings with the direction of a hyperactive child without his Ritalin.

I decided a long time ago that I don't like people. I love their ideas and how they express themselves. I even like to see them smile and wave at me sometimes... but I don't feel comfortable around them. I used to DJ, and was quite good at it, but I didn't enjoy the social aspect of being out and on display. Since then I've given up on DJ-ing and records and just about everything you hear on here will be simply mixed using some sort of program... utilizing the mp3s I find on various blog during my own searches. A lot of these records I own... many I hunted down in my decades as a fiendish collector. Nowadays, it is just too easy to search for it and find it. I thank everyone who does the work for me. I guess I'm not patient enough myself. I will, however, try to give props to the blogs who share music they rip - and maybe they will like my little broadcasts.

Call me selector!

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