Thursday, September 25, 2008


Didn't have a chance to post yesterday. Was sorting out how to make a mix on Cool Edit in the morning. Pissed me off completely. Spent the rest of my day with Manda... eating cheap sandwich and watching a Japanese Zombie flick (STACY, for anyone interested.) Perfect way to spend one of those rare days off together.

Woke up this morning determined to figure this program out. Picked out some of my favorite nuggets from the Flexipop bootlegs... and some other shite that I wanted to listen to. No major theme... just angry synth punk and cheap Joy Division wannabes. I definitely think Cool Edit is a better way to go as far as smoothing out transitions. Could full fledged mixing be far off??? I hope not... I'm enjoying being an organic Jukebox.

Listening to this stuff made me really hate all the new retro trash. Sure, there's a few songs around that my ear likes (and you'll probably hear them on here sooner or later.) But really, I don't care how skinny your tie is or how well tailored your black on red suit looks... you are all a bunch of faggot ass emo bitches!! You can "shake shake shake shake-a-shake it" all you want... you can whine about "losing your edge" from your $5000=a=month two bedroom loft in Williamsburg... you can get Beth B to film your video and pretend to have credibility - but the truth is you are The Jonas Brothers in Ric Ocasek drag. Miley Cyrus in a Kim Wilde leotard. So fuck off!

When I was a record store junkie I bought tons of new shit... and I don't miss any of it now that I don't have my records. 11 volumes of "A Tribute to Flexipop" suits me fine... no need to dress up like Liquid Sky and try to recreate an era you couldn't possibly understand! As an old man, I'm slightly flattered you jock my generation so much... but you still suck!

Just listen to Xex, who were from Jersey... but you'd never know it! Shouts out to my long lost friend Lorraine, who was actually in the group. I miss you.

Anyway... this is a tough selection of suicide music... try to enjoy it as you bloody up the bathroom tiles!

Farcry Frum Sanity

Grauzone - Eisbar
Easter and the Totem - Nothing There
Trumpetto & Einstein - Parking Garage II
Xex - Svetlana
The Metronomes - Ballad of the Metronome
Minny Pops - Werktitel 7
Charles de Goal - Exposition
Merrilee Rush - Love Street (Slowed Up)
The Units - Cowboy
Count Vertigo - I'm a Mutant
R. Stevie Moore - What Are You Looking At?
Nash the Slash - Swing Shift (Flexi Version)
Anomy - Lone Wolf
Milovan Srdnovic - San Quentin
Sir Reg - I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues (Slowed and Spaced)

BTW: You can find most of these songs on these two blogs:

Most of these songs I have a long history with... others I just heard this week.

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