Saturday, September 27, 2008


Strap on your suicide machines kids! This is probably the last ride. I'm not really tired of living (although I am dog sick!)... but I think I'm tired of the angry hopeless electro punk for now... which is why this mix is a bit of a mess and all over the place. It has its own unique charm though. I'm sure the chill foggy days will draw me into the cold wave again shortly... but I need a break!

I listened twice and enjoyed this. "Mongoloid" is a beast!!! A bit too much phasing on "Bye Bye Love" but oh well. The success of the few slowed tunes I've included recently, and the new Z-Ro lp have forced me to start channelling Screw. Tomorrow a mix of 70s gold, slowed and throwed for Paul Fucking Newman!

Tired of Living

vita motis - alone
pimpsta - Track 2
mittageisen - neuss china
devo - mongoloid
the cars - bye bye love (slowed up and spaced out)
nick paine - california bleeding
nervous gender - excorcism
Max Splodge - isubeleene
e-mill - death and destruction
viva la fete - he ne veux pas
tone set - what good's a hit song (slowed up and spaced out)
z-ro - tired (slowed up)

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