Sunday, September 21, 2008


Bob Moog killed analog music. The advent of synth and electronics completely destroyed the progression that music was making in the mid to late 60s. Sure, the mainstream held dear to it's four piece: guitar,bass, drum and vocal template... but krautrockers and proggers were already setting the seeds for the electronic revolution. Add the evolution of dub in Jamaica, and it was game over for all the little dirty hippies as early as early as 1966. The death knell was ringing... it just took a while for the world to hear it.
There is an incredible line of distinction created by this seismic shift in evolution. Sixties music sounds alien to modern ears. Its boxy fuzz and analog-effected vocals. It's hard to think that it was the "now" sound of the time, and fans considered themselves "mod." C'mon people, there's actually song structure involved... how archaic is that?!?!?!?!
I love the shit, personally. Especially the conflicting sounds of "light psychedelia." The hard stuff sounds too much like punk... but music like The Carpenters and Merrilee Rush really sounds like suicide music. It's no wonder that Charlie Manson wanted to be the next Brian Wilson. Mid-Sixties rock is dark, dark territory. I tried, in this mix, to capture that darkness... including some obvious, some nuggets and two songs from Brian Jonestown Massacre... the only revivalists that ever got it right.
Most of this music reminds me of my childhood and WNBC. Summers on the front lawn with the transistor radio on... tepidly blaring the sounds of AM radio. I was young... and didn't even pick up on the thick marijuana fog that is contained withing these tunes. The tragedy and despair of a generation with no hope except to fight in a meaningless war. Their generation... our generation... this generation... Thank God we at least had videogames!
Turn on and tune out folkers!
The Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun
Classics iv - Stormy
23rd Turnoff- Michael Angelo
The Cowsills - the rain,the park and other things
Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion
Love - Maybe the People...
The Leaves - Hey Joe
Curiousity Shoppe - Baby I Need You
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Servo
Marmalade - I See the Rain
Merrilee Rush - Angel of the Morning
Melanie - Leftover Wine
The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions
The Partridge Family - I can Feel Your Heartbeat
The Guess Who - These Eyes
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Swallowtail
Charles Manson - Look at Your Game Girl

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