Saturday, September 20, 2008


For this mix, I used Jerry Goldsmith's score for "Logan's Run" as a segue tool. It's dissonant ARP bleating seemed a great choice. Some of his work, "Love Shop" specifically, sounds amazingly similar to early Throbbing Gristle. As for the songs... the majority of them are older agitpop and drum machine punk. The only newish track is "Sarah" by Bat for Lashes... which just fit so well next to the Analoid track that I had to use it. The Executive Slacks and Distributers songs are gimmies, and both are dope as fuck. I'm so glad to have found the Black Randy discography online... it's eluded me for over a decade and a half (thank you Motis and Cinema Obscura!) A lot of neat stuff packed into this hour... much of it culled from this blog:

I discovered a lot of cool stuff on there, check it out.

I ended with two less obvious tracks. For those of you who dig minimal synth but cringe at the thought of a Peter Gabriel song... stop being posers! "Games Without Frontiers" is as quirky, analog and decadent as anything released on cassette in 1983 and limited to 30 copies. It's not uncool just because it's prog and mainstream. And Bottom Posse... well - I'm looking forward to doing a mix of exclusively Minimal Synth Gangster Rap in the future... it's a passion of mine and I've been collecting the rare gems for a few years now. I may even have enough for a mix. until then, I'll just scatter little gems (flashing red to black, of course) here and there.



Title Theme (Logan's Run)-Jerry Goldsmith
Desespoir Desespere - Analoid
Sarah - Bat For Lashes
Down at the Laundromat - Back Randy and the Metrosquad
Madhatter - Moev
Lone Wolf's Theme - Shogun Assassin Sdtrk
TV Me - The Distributers
Amputate - Skinny Puppy
Back to Burnsley - Skuik
Auscult - Untitled IV
Collapsible New People - Fad Gadget
III - Ann Summer
Je T'Ecris D'Un Pays - Les Visiteurs Du Soir
Rampenlicht - Kreutzer
Thirty Years - Executive Slacks
Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
Life's a Bitch - Bottom Posse
Debriefing - Jerry Goldsmith

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