Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is a spunktacular mixto. Seems a little short at 37 minutes... but hell, consider it my ILLMATIC. My cuz Liam was bestowing the virtues of Neutral Milk Hotel on Facebook. I find them mediocre. Here is a heartfelt half hour of over emotion. The exquisite "Landlocked" re-edit of "Til I Die" starts the journey. DOOM over Nico, Bob and Ray - NOT Charles Manson, German Beatles covers, Formidable Joy and film soundtracks....

Probably the first mix that actually captures my feelings for Oz, and it's beautiful Princess. The rightful heir with the beautiful hair!



The Beach Boys - Til I Die
The Rhombus - Gigantic Bodies
Die Beat Oma - Ich Bin Die Beat Oma
Bob and Ray - Woman of the Highlands
The Joy Formidable - 9-9669
Favorite Cat - The Story of the Sun (Slowed)
Best Fwiends - Sing to Live
D -Willz - Las Vegas (Slowed)
Peggy Sue and the Pictures - Eisenstien
Ultra Orange - Simple Words
DangerDOOM - Korn Dogz (Slowed)
Cat Theme

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