Sunday, March 29, 2009

dub hinderence

My girl says that I'm hindered by my lust to turn everything into a dub track. I dunno... I kinda like it. and it's for me, anyway... huh?

new mix. book 2 of Oz. sorry it's taking so long... I've been fucking up trizzacks for my friends tizzape.

The Land Of

Moog Party Time - Taka Takata (Slowed)
20-2-Life - Pimp a Hustle (Slowed)
U-Brown - Me Chat You Rock
Harvey KTel - You Make Me Feel So Good
Peter Bjorn and John - Last Night (Slowed)
Taj He Spitz, Blanco, Young Hyphy - I Do It Major (Slowed)
Kurt Vile - Beach on the Moon
Elias Rahbani - From the Moon
Syntheme - Frackz
Teenage Bad girl - Tales from the Pigs
Kevin Blake - It's the Rain

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